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Hafta Have Yifta, Don’t-ya-know!

Thanksgiving dinner in our family would not be complete, don't ya know, without a festive layered bowl of red and white Yifta.  The entire dinner conversation at my first Thanksgiving with my husband's family was abowt Yifta.  The mystery of Yifta, I was told, begins with the mysterious transformation of three simple ingredients to heavenly cakey delight, overnight, covered in the fridge.  What are the three top secret ingredients in Yifta?  Have you ever tried Yifta?  Who makes the Yifta?  Where did the Yifta come from?  Is it a … [Read more...]

Zeke’s Coffee…Dark and Delish

Dark roasts come back to Baltimore!!  When I think of Baltimore coffee I think of dark, rich, bold and black!  When Zeke's first came on the scene I think they were part of the "under-roasted, taste the nuances of the bean" brigade...I am beyond happy they found their way to the dark and bold roasts that make me think of the early days (90's) of the Baltimore coffee scene!  I am a devoted follower and happy to see them popping up in unexpected restaurants! … [Read more...]

Ryan’s Daughter Goes Down Perfect

This past Friday, we went with three other couples to Ryan's Daughter, in Towson, Maryland, to celebrate my friend's birthday.  We had been through a huge list of restaurants, trying to find the perfect atmosphere for the special evening...not too stuffy, can wear jeans, good food and good beer.  We made a good pick!  The night was fun!  The fish and chips were a hit!  And my black and tan went down smooth! … [Read more...]

Love Bombing

The air was clean and clear and the sun shining ever so happily.  We arrived at the parking lot with our caravan.  Just past the chain link fence there was a scene unfolding that reminded me of the movie the Lost Boys.  There were boys everywhere!  There were nine year olds and young men obviously skating off some college study stress.  We had arrived at a world created and protected by these boys.  We had come to Ridge.  We were a bit trepidatious.  Would they allow us on their turf?  In their world?  We began to unload our … [Read more...]