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Bigtime Blogging, Believing the Dream!

Well, it just might be time for some P.R. (Personal Relishing).  Somehow, in our short time in the blogosphere we have made it to the top.  In fact, we have made it on Alltop!!  See our new bad selves with our funky Alltop button?  See where this blogging journey is taking us?  We're going to rub shoulders with the best!!  Bloggers like Smitten Kitchen, Orangette,  Whipped, and Coconut & Lime.  Bloggers we admire, follow, look up to!  Bloggers, we have even stalked (we're sorry Amateur dude, we're not psychotic, we're … [Read more...]

Feel This Red Velvet Cake

My sister-n-law, (aka, the "Holiday Sangria Lady") has long been an incredible baker.  She has awed our family with gooey rolls, known as monkey bread.  She is an expert in bars, cookies, and pies full of butterscotch, caramel, and chocolate.  For a long time she has collected all sorts of recipes.  It makes sense, then, after years of wow-ing friends and family she has recently begun the journey of launching a baking business in the Chicago area.  So, when I came across a cookbook called Baked: New Frontiers in Baking--I thought … [Read more...]

Chantrelle Risotto and Food Toys

I was exposed at a young age to mushrooms.  My mom loved them, I hated them.  (Of course, looking back, she prepared only canned, slimy, rubbery mushrooms.)  When I married an aspiring chef, he was bound and determined to convert me.  I thought it was impossible.  I can't remember the exact dish...or the type of mushroom...probably at that point, portobellos were the mushroom of choice.  All I know is, I was a convert! I love mushrooms of any shape and size!  But, one of my favorites is chanterelles.  If you've never cooked … [Read more...]

Bites From Bytes & Books Ball On President’s Day

Well, since it is President's day I thought I share a bit about the 2009 Bytes & Books Inaugural Ball, that my husband Todd attended (see picture seven under George Lucas).  You see, right after New York, while we were in Baltimore with Kristin & Devon, Todd had to go out to "the ball".  We all stayed home, and wondered how his parking would go down.  Turns out, he easily drove in, and actually parked right in front of the Folger Shakespeare Library, right behind the Capital, next to the Library of Congress.  He didn't … [Read more...]

Pig Cake & Shebang Cheesecake

Actually, really it's Orange & Bourbon Chocolate Cake from The Spotted Pig in NYC.  The Spotted Pig was on our hit list for restaurant's in NYC but, we didn't get there.  So, after I got back and was planning my girls' night out party, I was super excited to find this recipe in the back of my In Style magazine (February 2009 issue, p.192). Now, usually when I have parties my husband is the go-to guy.  You just turn around once and shebang there's a cake!  He is famous for his cheesecakes, many from our Philadelphia … [Read more...]

Dinner in B’More!

We left New York filled with great memories and a few trinkets.  But, more importantly, we left with Todd and Chris Ann!  They were staying with us for three days, because Todd had to attend one of the inaugural balls. Monday night we had dinner planned at Chez Potler's House!  We invited our friends from Holland, Irene and Albert.  With the sea beans as the dinner inspiration, the six of us shared a wonderful meal! The menu: Macadamia encrusted rockfish with lime, cardamom beurre blanc and sea beans Turnip potato … [Read more...]

A Night Out With Our Peeps

So, we (a group of five gals who went out to catch up, take a break from kids and husbands), drink a few cold ones and nosh a bit) just got back from the Yellow Dog Tavern.  My Lagunitas IPA was hitting the spot!  CA kicked back a cold Stella.  We ordered a round of appetizers (up to three, on Tuesdays are half off) and sat back to enjoy a time of catching up and taking a breather.  The pommes frites were a hit!  The mussels were tasty and tender!  Our waiter, Alex recommended the Kobe beef sliders and they were a perfect split … [Read more...]

Warmed at Hearth

Our time in New York City was great!  We found inspiration in many places.  We found it where we stayed-the Waldorf.  We found it where we shopped-ABC Home & Carpet.  We found it in the simplicity of a good breakfast at a common table, and we found it with our friends around the good food at Hearth.  Under the glow of the red wall, our table, because we were with foodie friends that like sharing, sampled each others' food. Our favorites were the braised lamb shank, the polenta, the arugula and fennel salad, and the … [Read more...]

Inspired at the Food Toy* Museum

After our incredible meal at Momofuku, we geared up...hats, gloves, coats...and braced ourselves for the crisp, frigid New York air.  We were back on the streets with one destination in mind.  Dean and Deluca!  The Food Toy* Museum!  The moment I walked in, all of my senses took over!  Visually, I didn't know where to rest my eyes.  I found myself walking up to a display of fruit and lingering, like I did when I first cast my eyes on The Birth of Venus in Florence.  The textures, vibrant colors and brilliance were breath taking!  … [Read more...]