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Lemon Souffle For Mother’s Day

So, I just spent the morning reading about the adventures of Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, her blog and her twitters, and also, I must add:  that of her bloggy friends, like Smitten Kitchen.  And, let me tell you!  These people are going to spontaneously combust with creativity and energy!  I don't think they're normal!  And, I say this with MUCH admiration, as well as awe.  My reasoning?  They are waking up at the crack of dawn, 5 a.m. to cook!  And, they turn out more cooking and baking in a couple days than I could hope for … [Read more...]

Little Bit of Clementine

My husband and I had a date!!  Woo who!!  I have to admit, it's been a while.  We wrapped up our night at a new little restaurant in Hamilton (Baltimore, MD).  It's called Clementines.  Since we had not made dinner reservations and the kitchen was closing, we begged our way in for a cup of coffee and dessert.  Since Clementines has opened, it has been busy.  I have hear wonderful things about the food, and mixed reviews on the service. Now, because Devon and I have a combined 30+ years in the food industry, when we go to a … [Read more...]

Hannah Montana’s Hoe Down in Baltimore

Ok, so it wasn't actually a Hannah Montana Hoe Down, but while I was sitting at the movies with my 7 year old daughter, I couldn't help but think back to the Easter Hoe Down, Throw Down we had!  It was a total Love Feast Hoe Down!! We changed up our traditions, to the sorrow of some of our kids...and the grandmom!  For years we have gone to my Aunt and Uncle's house for Easter dinner.  They are without a doubt, my host and hostess heroes!  They know how to throw a party and make everyone feel welcomed and at home!  Why … [Read more...]

No Coffee Blues And Blogging

Ok, so the morning starts like this.  I wake up and the bus will be here in like 15 minutes and none of the tweens, hidden under their covers have breathed a breath of fresh air yet.  I go down stairs in my plum colored cashmere robe, that I got for a steal let me tell you, and is suppose to make me feel glamorous in the morning and is not, and began to make my coffee.  I fill the pot at the tiny stream from my fridge, because I am convinced that my city water is trying to kill me.  This tiny stream irritates me every morning.  … [Read more...]

Can’t Beat This Pink Lady Cake

Like I said on Facebook and Twitter, I was dreaming of making this cake.  And, today was deadline day, I would either bake or break - - turns out I did both, but nothing that a little sculpting and frosting can't fix!  I didn't let a late night at the Cabooze stop me either.  I was at the Cabooze last night with my husband and friends to watch the bands Umbrella Bed the English Beat.  Who's that, you might ask, as did the cute girls at Covered, who helped me with my outfit and informed me that Cabooze was "rock-n-roll, not pop".  … [Read more...]

The Cove

Sometimes you just want to eat a burger. Eating a burger at The Cove, is like eating at your older brother’s apartment; your older brother that was into records, fishing, hunting, and skateboarding. The Cove has a relaxed hang-out type vibe where you can be comfortable, kickback, and hang with some friends. That is what “Good Vibe Ambassadors” and brothers, Bruce and Brock Larson, are trying to do with their burger joint. The menu is simple and inexpensive pub food. The hamburgers and hot dogs are served in basket with good … [Read more...]

Love Log at the Ladybug Luncheon

What is a love log?  I came across it in the new cookbook, Baked New Frontiers In Baking.  What's not to love about a love log?!  It's raw cookie dough that you wrap in parchment and give to a friend.  I decided to take a love log to a luncheon we were serving for women in our neighborhood. Once a month, a group of us, plan, prepare, serve and share a meal with women from all walks of life.  We originally started it to share hot meals with women who are victims of sex trafficking (we call them ladybugs) in our neighborhood.  … [Read more...]