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Rehearsal Dinner, LoveFeast Style

The night after all the good eats with the boys and girls, the entire wedding party descended on our home for a "Rehearsal Dinner" (there really was no rehearsal, but it sounded like an appropriate name) cooked up by Devon. I made oven roasted cherry tomatoes earlier in the week as preparation for the special evening.  Devon had it in his mind to prepare an oven roasted tomato, artichoke and exotic mushroom risotto served on a bed of baby arugula.  Oh my goodness!  Really, I don't know if words can begin to describe what … [Read more...]

Love Bomb Musings!

This past Sunday, I went with a couple of friends and my kids to a local skatepark.  We've been here before.  We were on a mission to LoveBomb.  What is a LoveBomb?  It's the act of making, serving and sharing a meal for unsuspecting people.  Especially people not in your typical circle of friends.  The idea is to reach outside of yourself and get to know people you normally wouldn't.  We are on the beginning of this LoveBomb journey! We have gone to Ridge a couple of times now.  When we started, we were looked on like an … [Read more...]

Hot Banana Boat Dessert

What's in your fire?  Hopefully, hot melted Banana Boats!  You can see ours above, wrapped in tinfoil,  baking in the warmth of the coals.  Here is a treat you can make today.  This is what you need: Bananas, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and a professional hand model.  (We chose one from across the street, but you'll have to get what where you can.)  Only a professional hand model can remove hot bananas from hot burning coals.  If you don't have one.  Don't make this dessert.  And, stop reading this post now, because you'll … [Read more...]

What’s Not Pioneer About My Suburbia?

There are a lot of similarities between me and and my blogging partner in crime, Kristin.  We generally WANT the same outcome when it comes to the way things should come out.  But, let's just say, sometimes it takes me a little bit more time to get there!  A perfect example of this is the cake I am about to share with you.  This cake, is the Pioneer Woman's Strawberry Shortcake Cake.  There are some similarities between me and the Pioneer Woman and I will point them out as we roll along here.  But, this does not insure … [Read more...]

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream!

Ice Cream! Soft Serve Ice Cream! That's what our ice cream man serves!  It was warm, sunny and beautiful!  A taste of things to come!  Come on summer!! … [Read more...]

Apple Suprise at Ale Mary’s

The same night I went out with the ladies, my husband took the boys out for their bachelor party night.   His plan was to take the boys to a local pub that has a decent Belgium beer list, then come back to the house for cigars and fire pit time! They headed down to Ale Mary's in Fells Point, Baltimore. In his words: "Two of us got burgers.  The burgers were great!  I had to wipe the drool off of Ryan and Corey's mouths.  The first round of drinks were really good.  Bachelor boy, Marc got the La Chouffe, it was spot on!  … [Read more...]

A Little Mischief at Sei

Our dinner reservation was for 10:30.  I slammed an extra espresso at 8 and prepared myself mentally to tackle the late night challenge!  I was headed out to Brielle's bachelorette party with a bunch of 20 year olds.  I was honored that they wanted me, 30 something, mom of 5 to tag along.  But, I have to admit, I had to gear myself up for a late had been a while. We headed out to DC to meet the rest of the party at their hotel...a gorgeous new W hotel, Aloft, set beside the Potomac River at the National Harbor.  The … [Read more...]

Love Feast Fest!

I'm sitting here sipping my steamy hot Americano and nibbling (against my better judgment) on a Baked brownie.  It is the first time in over a week I've had a chance to blog.  I have to tell you, my mind is so full!  There is so much to share and so many stories to write about.  You see, this past week, my husband and I decided to let our lives be interrupted by an entire wedding party! For three years, we had a young man named Marc live in our home and he became a big brother to our kids.  He was the boyfriend of (now try and … [Read more...]

Iolanthe, Mussels and Belgium beer

My beautiful cousin Maria is a trained opera singer.  Of course, I knew right away, from the moment we use to sing Miss Mary Mack in our sleeping bags at night, she would one day be a star!  A few weeks ago, my husband and I had the privilege of seeing her perform in Washington DC with the Savoyards. She played Iolanthe. It was a light opera...entertaining and funny! Afterwords, we invited Maria and her husband to go get a bite to eat with us.  (We had already done our research and knew where we were headed.)  We went to … [Read more...]

Our Limoncello Table

What?Does this picture look fuzzy to you?Forget about it, it’s all that Limoncello, you’ve been drinking!Welcome to our Limoncello table!This is us, two years ago in Florence, Italy.There’s Kristin, next to her man and chef, Devon.See the stroller behind them?That’s Little Baby.We were so happy he did not get left behind any tables or under any trees.He was so good; it would have been easy to forget that he was there!He was a great little Italian traveler for five months old, except in the Duomo!(ya’ know you’ve started out a … [Read more...]