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“Tim-the-Toolman” makes Sangria

Things are getting a bit ramped up around here!  I've been scrubbing floors, washing sheets, cleaning up the patio, cutting the grass, painting walls (I like having a reason to check off my list) and menu planning.  Why?  You might ask...well, the other half of LoveFeast is coming for a B'More visit!!  Tomorrow, Chris Ann, hubby and half of their clan are coming! You have to understand, for the past five years (since living on opposite sides of the map) we have maintained strong friendships through visits.  These visits are … [Read more...]

Blueberry Scones for Father’s Day

As you can see, we have pretty awesome husbands, who are pretty awesome dads to a huge brood of kids!  They pretty much rock!  So, for Father's day yesterday, my kids and I decided to make a pretty killer breakfast for Devon. When we were first married, Devon worked like three jobs to take care of us!  One of his jobs was to deliver baked goods and pastries to local coffee shops.  Now, my sister, Cana worked at one of these said coffee shops.  One morning, she arrived to work and two of her co workers were swooning over … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day To Two Great Dads!

Cheers to you Dads (Todd & Devon)! … [Read more...]

Shrimp and Pasta To Curb Your Chaos

As I have said before, I can be a cooking challenged food blogger, known for being desperate for dinner and “Avoiding Supper”. I have been even know to chuck meat. It seems if I get one part done, the shopping, or the menu planning, I can’t get the other part done, the cooking.Time, you see, is not on my side.I have four kids, and a full time van chauffeuring job that keeps me driving from 9am-4pm with an hour and a half window to plan, shop, cook, and eat.  It’s not that I don’t try.To ease my load a CSA from Jackson Hollow … [Read more...]

Oh Henry Bars Recipe

I'm going to let you in on a family secret.  The recipe for Oh Henry Bars.  Just ignore the fact that when I Google-d  these babies a bunch of recipes for Oh Henry Bars came up.  These, my friends, are the real deal.  They were my husband's grandmother's recipe, cut from an old almanac or newsletter, found in an old accordion filing envelope.   We think the recipe can be dated to sometime around the late 40's or 50's, possibly from a publication like the Rural Electric Association Newsletter of Anoka County, around what use to be … [Read more...]

Clementine Won My Heart

As promised, we gave Clementine another chance.  It was a celebration night!  My husband and I were celebrating our 15th anniversary.  I wanted to go to Clementine.  It's a local joint, in my hood and I have continued to hear good things.  I noticed a little bit of expansion happening...and wanted to get a closer look.  As we walked by, I noticed the vintage stove in the window.  Oh my!  It's screaming for vintage or handmade wallpaper behind it...with a big bold pattern!  (You see, I'm an artist and can't help but take in the … [Read more...]

Shrimp With Old Bay Recipe (Baltimore style!)

Our dear friends, Albert and Irene, will be heading back to Holland in two weeks. We will miss them! Devon will miss fire pit, cigar and scotch time with Al...and I will miss long heart to hearts with Irene. Our kids will miss their new "auntie and uncle". They have quickly become members of our family and fixtures in our day to day life. It really will be hard to say good bye. Last night, Albert's dad joined us for a taste of Baltimore. He is here on holiday, making the most of his son's time in the USA. Typically we would get … [Read more...]

Dog’s Cake Feast

Our new puppy, Roxy, celebrated her first official spa-ing, I mean grooming at Lulu & Luigi's. (St. Louis Park, Minnesota location).  Roxy thinks I'm a genius because I brought her there for a doggy day trip.  If you need to spend some money on your dog, instead of yourself.  And, if you need to get your dog some cake  that you don't get to eat.  Lulu & Luigi's mini dog bakery is a great place to give your foodie dog some love! "You can say any fool thing to your dog, and the dog will give you this look … [Read more...]

LoveFeast at Marakkesh

We wrapped up our fun week with a final dinner at Marakkesh, in Washington D.C.  If you've never been to Marakkesh, I highly recommend a visit! We arrived and got out of the suburban (which has officially really this was it's last restaurant long old friend) and walked up to a big wooden door.  We had to knock to be allowed in.  We stepped over the threshold and were warmly greeted by numerous hosts and hostesses.  We were escorted to the back dining room.  We crossed a dance floor and joined our … [Read more...]

Garden Wedding Cake

The wedding was beautiful!  We all arrived at Sherwood Gardens.  The azaleas were in full bloom.  Brielle was gorgeous and her bridesmaids looked fresh and dressed perfectly for a garden wedding.  Marc couldn't stop smiling and Pastor Mike (father of the bride) tried to hold back tears.  Ryan played a little Iron and Wine in the background and set the stage for a simple yet beautiful wedding. The ceremony was over and we wandered over to the cake.  My gift to Brielle was a homemade wedding cake.  It was the one thing she … [Read more...]