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Tomato & Toast Breakfast

Yum right?  This yummy picture says it all.  Pretend you're sitting down to eat this right now.  We toasted the hearty bread, melted some fine cheese, sliced a fresh tomato from the farmers market and plucked a leafy green off our basil plant out on the deck.  Just for you our guest!  We are enjoying the pleasure of you enjoying it!  That's sorta what's happening with this blog right now.  While you linger over this picture, we are busy cooking up stuff in our kitchens and in our heads to serve you better at this place we call … [Read more...]

Road Trip + Breville (espresso machine, that is!)

This summer we won't be taking a vacation.  I know, I know, sad.  But, not really.  You see, I'm still living off of last year's Killer Road Trip!  Have you ever taken one of those vacations where you decided to pack it all in?!  That's what we did! The day we were leaving and packing up the van, Devon unplugged our Breville Espresso Machine and the grinder.  I said, "What are you doing?  Where is that going?"  He responded, "With us.  On the road."  You see, we have made many trips across country.  The worst part about those … [Read more...]

Pizza On The Grill

Kristin and I have a little saying called "breathing the dust" -- and by this I don't mean flour dust...I mean more like pixie dust.  Dust that when you breathe it in, makes you dream crazy things.  Dust that makes you believe crazy things.  Dust that makes you do crazy things.  Things you barely have time to do because the laundry is piling up, and you drive in your van running kids all day long. This dust makes you dream things you are technologically underdeveloped to do.  But, you do it anyway.  But, sometimes it makes … [Read more...]

Where It All Started…Golden West Cafe

It was about a year ago.  Chris Ann was in Baltimore for a visit.  She had just come out of a dreary Minnesota winter.  I planned a day of  "art-inspiration-creativity-fun stops and shops".  We went to ArHaus and were quickly inspired by the vignettes and even had a great conversation with the artist/installer there.  I saw Chris Ann take a deep, refreshing breath and she even smiled.  We then went to Clipper Mill to scope out the artists and to peek in Woodberry Kitchen.  We walked around and watched glass artists, iron artists … [Read more...]

Night Out In Washington, DC

While we were in Washington DC, for dinner at Potenza... which was less about Italy... and more about the wallpaper... and the wine... We got to see our friend, Elyse, who happened to be in Washington, DC on business as well!  We visited Elyse in New York City, last January where,  Elyse took us to one of her favorite places for cocktails, Death & Company.  We also dined, with her and her family at Hearth.  So, while the guys played pool... we caught up with Elyse.  We were glad we stayed up … [Read more...]

Masala Chai Recipe

Chai in the summertime?  You betcha'! (That's what we say about anything we agree with in Minnesota.)  It was the the most wonderful of afternoon pick-me-ups!  And, how fortunate for us it was made by someone who really knew what they were doing!  While we were visiting Kristin & Devon in Baltimore, another one of their friends, Vivek, who is from India, happened to be in the U.S. on business.  So, Devon drove into Washington, DC to pick him up and bring him back to Baltimore for a visit as well.  We usually start craving a … [Read more...]

Goodbye Party LoveFeast Style

The day after Chris Ann and family arrived, we had to prepare and get ready for a good bye party.  Our good friends, Amanda and Noe and their three kids, were moving to Moshi, Africa.  (It seems as if there have been a lot of good byes lately!) We had been planning this party for a couple of months and we were so excited when Chris Ann and Todd booked their ticket for the same weekend!  That would mean, this would be a LoveFeast in true CA and K fashion!! The sangria was good and marinated!  Devon and Todd began the … [Read more...]

Pretend-za at Potenza Restaurant Review

Tuesday night we drove into Washington, DC., for dinner at Potenza. First, let us say that we had a great time!  We always have a great time together whether we are lost in Rome, swinging on the front porch in Baltimore or dining on the deck in Minneapolis.  However, our dinner at Potenza last night was bumpy like a dirt road in Tuscany.  Thankfully, the wine was flowing and good, and it didn't really matter what we were eating, because we enjoyed being together! Now, on to an honest review of this newish restaurant.  They … [Read more...]

Steamed Crabs in Baltimore

Chris Ann and family arrived in Baltimore!  After a quick toast with sangria, we had to run to a little league game.  Ok...we continued the "toast" with a small pitcher that we smuggled to the baseball field.  Over a bit more sangria, we decide to start our feasting with a bushel of steamed crabs. The kids spread out the newspaper and within minutes of arriving back at the house, the festivities began!  There's no better way to linger and catch up than over a pile of steamed Maryland crabs.  We'll let the pictures tell the … [Read more...]