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Happy Birthday Chris Ann!!!

Shhhhhh!!!  Chris Ann has been frantically working on our next post.  Little does she know, I'm behind the scenes writing this!  Hopefully I can get it posted before she posts hers!  You see, today is her birthday!  So, I am posting a Birthday Cake Wish! So, Chris Ann, if you're reading....Happy Birthday!! Here is the cake I would make for you, because it's beautiful and delicious!!!  It reminds me of a cake with a lacy coconut skirt!  I think it's worthy of a LoveFeast Birthday shout out! My birthday wish for you is this I … [Read more...]

Lingering Before Returning

Today is the end of an era.  Today, I sent my little-est flower into the world of all day kindergarten. To bloom and grow... So, for the first time in fifteen years I am going to have something I haven't had in a while - time.  Now, that the kids will be back in school, we will again be able to focus on our business here at LoveFeast Table.   Kristin and I discussed this in detail this past summer...during one of our high powered meetings. Of course, we will still have our hands full with chauffeuring, … [Read more...]