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My MckMama’s Mudd Lake Confessional

It's easy to have your head stuck in your own little world....especially if you are fixated, possibly addicted, and definitely obsessed with winning a certain contest. (Not me!)  And, therefore, with all my stalking of possible breathing bodies to vote for us in the Baltimore Food Blogging Awards....I was just just a little narrow sighted...(who? not me!) when my friend, Mela, mentioned a gathering of bloggers & mama's that were going to be at a place called Mudd Lake. Initially, I thought I wouldn't want to leave my … [Read more...]

Taste of MckMama’s Mudd Lake Gathering

Friday night I went with two friends on a road trip to meet up with a gathering of gals, out in the country, in Watertown, Minnesota - at a place called Mudd Lake.  Here's a little taste of the gathering, hosted by  Jennifer of MckMama, and the time that we shared. What a thrill to meet MckMama.  She rules as a Mommy Blogger Queen.  And, even though I'm a food blogger....I think having four kids and being trapped in suburbia, made the evening out quite fitting for me, if not mandatory. This event had lots of mamas … [Read more...]

Until We Meet!

Chris Ann is at a party somewhere in Minnesota with MckMama.  She was invited to this party by her friend, the very talented, recording artist Mela Kamin.  I'm sure she's having a blast!  I just hope her voice holds up.  I just got mine back.  How is it we had the same cold and yet are hundreds of miles away? So, I'm sitting here in Baltimore, thinking about this crazy, campaign trailing, facebook flooding, twitter-tweeting week!  Shew!  It was fun!  I only wish you could've heard the conversations Chris Ann and I had … [Read more...]

Rock the Vote!!

So, we thought of posting a nice post of a yummy cake we made or a delicious meal, we are a "foodie blog" after all!  But, we have three days left to Rock the Vote!  We are pulling out all the stops and going on the campaigning trail!  Will you join us?  Tell everyone you meet today to Rock the Vote at!  In return (not that we can buy your vote or your affections), we promise next week we will heap on tons of good recipes, meal planning ideas and restaurant reviews!  Your need for food porn will be … [Read more...]

From Dryer Lint to Dreams

We were on the phone again tonight... one of us Twittering and Facebook-ing, one of us loading dishes in the dishwasher and waiting for a teenager to get off the computer.   And, we are both reeling with giddiness!  Why you ask?  Well, one year and a half ago, two friends (and their husbands - whether they liked it or not!), set out to find an adventure!  We weren't really sure where it would lead or how we would do it.   In fact, we didn't always feel very - clever.   One of us didn't even know how to cut and paste, yet, let … [Read more...]

The Godfather Would be Proud!

So, as you can see, we've been a bit absent...sorry, folks!  We'd like to say we were traveling the world searching for the finest culinary creations, or sharing meals with celebrities...reality?  We were sucked into the "back to school year vortex!"  You would think we'd never sent 8 kids to school!  We lost track of time! We apologize! (Not very Godfather like!) As we reentered the blogging world, Elizabeth (fellow blog writer) filled us in on what we had missed!  We were nominated for the Mobbie award in the favorite … [Read more...]