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Fancy Friday ~ Creating Community

Fancy Friday is a day where we share the ideas, art, moments and anything that strikes our fancy and inspires us!  As we have been reflecting on this year, we keep coming back to you...our guests, who daily,  pull a chair up to our Table. We wish our blog had the ability to be more interactive,  (we are working on this behind the scenes...more to come!) but, until then, we want to dedicate this Fancy Friday to you!! We want to hear about you and get to know you better! In the spirit of Fancy Friday would you answer or … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Ornaments

On Christmas Eve, before our kids to to bed, we give them one little package to open...their ornament.  This is a tradition my mom and dad started and we carried it on with our kids.  When I moved out, my mom gave me a box of my ornaments so my first tree would not be empty.  We've done the same with our kids. With five kids, the tree has gotten pretty full!  This year, I negotiated two trees!  You see, I have a love for all things vintage, especially a certain vintage tinsel tree. Over the past few years, Chris Ann … [Read more...]

Milk Punch Recipe

Milk Punch Christmas morning is a tradition my sister-n-law's family savored back in the day when my sister-n-law, Kim was growing up.  Apparently the recipe and tradition comes with...more stories and memories than can be caught up with.  It's a now one of our generations favorites along with the Holiday Sangria Kim and I discovered one year.  It's simple yet, smooth and pleasing Christmas morning.   But, let me just say's not the milk you put out with cookies for Santa. Something for the adults to enjoy while … [Read more...]

Gift Wrapping & Organizing Tips

Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do.  I love the creative process of selecting ribbons, bows and wrap.  I love preparing my gift for presentation and thinking of the anticipation the look of it will bring. The chaos I create when creating or particularly when gift wrapping...well let's just say, this is an area that I have worked hard on to change.   This year I found buckets, baskets and totes to calm my creative chaos.  Because you see I have a history... One of Kristin and my favorite old stories is … [Read more...]

Brie en Croute Recipe

During the holidays, when we are asked to bring a dish, our go to appetizer recipe is Baked Brie en Croute with Cranberry Chutney.  It is a recipe that sounds impressive but is super easy to make!  It only requires 4 ingredients and 15 minutes of prep time!  We usually make the chutney from scratch.  But, you can buy any jarred chutney. This is what you need: 1 wheel of Brie (the recipe I'm showing here, used a small wheel) 1 stick of butter 1 package of phyllo dough (you will only need half the box for a small … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Stockings

Preparing for Christmas by hanging stockings, is a century old tradition.  There are many stories around how this tradition was started, but they all point back to St. Nicholas.  Children began to leave stockings and shoes by the chimney with hopes that little goodies would be left by St. Nick, a man known for his care of the poor. When the stockings come out of the Christmas boxes...well, this is when I get a little giddy!  This is the moment I know that Christmas is here! Usually I save unwrapping them to … [Read more...]

Holiday Velvet Pumpkin Trios ~ LoveFeast Shop

We just can't get enough of these velvet Plush Pumpkins from our newly launched LoveFeast Shop.  They are perfect for holiday tablescaping.  They would also be lovely mixed in a bowl or platter with ornaments or tucked in on a tabletop. We have chosen 4 trios for this season.  The largest velvet pumpkin of the trio is 6", following with a 5" and 4".  The grouping of three sells for $78 with a shipping charge of $12.  We will be selling our trio through Monday, December 20th at 5pm to make sure that they arrive in time for … [Read more...]

Christmas Sweet And Simple With The Reluctant Entertainer & GiveAway

Today we invited Sandy from The Reluctant Entertainer to join us at the table.  Her popular blog is filled with entertaining ideas to inspire women to a lifestyle of genuine hospitality.  She is a wonderful real life hostess who puts the importance of people before perfection.  Her newly written book, The Reluctant Entertainer is filled with tips and inspiration for living a life filled with hospitality.  We are hoping one day soon to share a real life table with this lovely lady, but for now we are delighted to have her join us, … [Read more...]

Blogger Christmas Cookie Exchange

My husband and I have been working for 30 days straight on our crazy remodel (more on that later).  We needed an excuse to take a break from the work wheel.  An invite to Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom's Cookie Exchange was timely and the excuse we needed! After making the Dulce de Leche Bacon, Coconut, Chocolate Chip Magic Bars, I wrapped them up and headed to the party with my family in tow!  We were warmly greeted by Laura's daughter and placed our mitten donations in the basket.  Laura was donating gloves to a local … [Read more...]

Dulce le Leche, Bacon, Chocolate Magic Bar Recipe

We have had an amazing Cookie Exchange!  We are so honored to have so many talented guests, from all over the world, pull up a chair at our Table and share their favorite cookie recipes!  Not only has there been a variety of recipes, but also a beautiful array of stories, memories and feelings about what the holidays hold for each of our guests.  We want to thank them all for taking the time to share with us!  And, we can't wait to make these recipes for our families! In the midst of our virtual Cookie Exchange, I was invited … [Read more...]