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Fancy Friday Doors and Walls

Come on in! You know you want to open the door and take a peek inside! Kristin's (very patient) mom, wood-burned her entire front door! This is in Kristin's mom's study...she free hand painted it. Look around at some of our fancy walls! This is a close-up of Chris Ann's bedroom wall.  Her bedroom is painted in Ralph Lauren's Candlelight finish called Tea and Sweets.  Who can resist Tea and Sweets?  It has the softest luminescence yet is still modern. To cure her cabin … [Read more...]

Ooey, Gooey Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Things were a bit tight for our family this past Christmas.  I know we weren't the only ones pinching pennies to try and give our kids a Christmas.  We were honest with the kids.  "Don't be disappointed if your pile under the tree is small this year."  We are small business owners.  We own a home remodeling company and with the recession, not a lot of people were doing home beautification projects.  But, our kids were so understanding and gracious.  They said, "It's okay.  We understand.  You don't have to do much, won't … [Read more...]

Almond Triangle Recipe

This Almond Triangle recipe is the Holiday Cookie Contest winner from the 2009 Taste Section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  The contest winner, Charlotte Midthun, first found the recipe from a 15 year old First for Women magazine.  December's not so far away and these cookies are the best!  They are not so sweet that you feel guilty...I think the nuts add a little protein right?  They are the perfect treat for a mid-blogging snack. You do have to have a 10X15 inch rimmed cookie sheet or jelly roll pan.   Also, make in … [Read more...]

Heidi’s Restaurant Remembered

Good memories and times at the table can often be traced back to a place, the atmosphere, and of course great food.  Heidi's Restaurant was just the type of place to leave you with with memorable moments.  Sadly, on the same day Stewart Woodman was chosen as a 2010 James Beard Award semifinalist for best Midwestern chef, Heidi's Restaurant was destroyed in a terrible fire.  We were so shocked and sad to hear this news, since Heidi's was one of our favorite restaurants. Through the years, LoveFeast Table has had many … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Hollywood Style

As you know every Friday we post about what inspires us.  We started  Fancy Friday because we wanted a place to express and rejuvenate our artistic senses.  We get inspired from colors, textures, experiences, adventure, food, spices, and travel.   We also get inspired by hearing about what inspires others.  Today's first guest blogger for a Fancy Friday is Laura, from the Hollywood Housewife blog.  After chatting with her in our virtual world of blogging and Twitter, we finally caught up with her in the real world at Blissdom, … [Read more...]

Birthday Week, Part 2

My husband made it back the day after my birthday, a day before the next storm hit! You know that saying, "Love makes the heart grow fonder"?  I missed him and was so happy to see him!  He arrived and a wrapped package appeared on the table.  The kids gathered around and Little Man proceeded to help me tear off the paper.  I was shocked!!  Absolutely stunned!  Behind the wrapping paper was a much longed for upgrade to my camera...a new Nikon!  I really was surprised.  I thought a new camera was a bit further in the future, but … [Read more...]

Birthday Week, Part 1

Today I have to confess, I have milked this birthday year like no other!  You see, the weekend of birthday brought many gifts!  It started with 36+ inches of snow. My husband got stuck in TX because the airlines were shut down.  My bff was representing LoveFeast at Blissdom in TN.  My boys wanted no part in shoveling (truth, unless they were getting paid!) Those were the gifts that were hard to open on my birthday.  There were a few that brought a smile to my face!  Chris Ann, anticipating I was going to have a little … [Read more...]

Superhero Love

I woke up this morning next to my superhero. It's been 16 years of him watching over me and our family. He reminds me that a true superhero love is not always perfect...sometimes there's a dark side...but superhero love keeps coming back to where it started...back to fighting for justice, protecting those he loves, providing for those in need, always being vigilant, having integrity and always, balancing it with romance. I love that he loves me.  I love that he's still by my side, fighting to keep this … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Blissdom Style

One of my little projects at Blissdom was to try and capture a little of what was "fancy" for our "Fancy Friday" post each Friday.  Fancy Friday is where we capture a little bit of what we think is beautiful, artful, inspiring, or whimsical.  Basically, it's just what has to catch our eye and make us happy.  With those thoughts in mind read on....and for those of you wondering- I've got a picture of -"THE DRESS". Our fearless leader, Alli, rocked her wicked cool red boots! This was a beautiful feathery black hair piece … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Chocolate Espresso Cookies

Something came over me the other day.  I was in "project mode"...whirling around the house cleaning, cooking dinner (chicken roaster in the oven), spinning through laundry AND baking.  Yes, all that and more including laying out what I needed to pack for Blissdom.  Oh yeah, and I had ground an abundance of espresso that morning, which made me think about making something with espresso in it.  They are crumbly in texture because of the espresso but not too dry.  They sort of remind me a little of  biscotti taste and texture.  The … [Read more...]