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Home Is A Scent Of Happiness

There are many things that inspire me...colors, textures, sounds, art, and yes, even scents.  I try and bring the outdoors in as much as possible.  But, it's too early for the scents from my garden of roses, Walker's Low cat-mint, lilacs, herbs, and irises here in Minnesota. You see the grass is just beginning to turn green. But, I can smell the earth and the damp mud of spring coming through my newly opened windows. While I wait for the garden a beautiful orchid in my dining room teases me with the scent of … [Read more...]

Avocado Pound Cake Recipe Continued

OK, so we left off yesterday gearing up to make Joy The Baker's lovely Avocado Pound Cake.  All of you that did not have the proper gear had an assignment to go out and buy yourself a descent sifter-a sifter that isn't plastic, wimpy, or has a half peeled sticker stuck on it for approximately 19 years. My basic plastic sifter model became a violent weapon with the ability to blind.  This is an example of the shrapnel leftover after the "accident". Just to remind you...a heap of this was blasted at me. Now, … [Read more...]

Gearing Up For Avocado Pound Cake

There was something about this month that had me craving avocados.  I found myself coming home from yoga--peeling them open and scooping out their green goodness.  I even have proof that this was going on because I tweeted it. "I just finished yoga and then I attacked an avocado." 12:59 PM Mar 4th via web Then, later on that same day, say about 7 hours later, something of an avocado/twitter/matrix/phenomena happened and I saw this tweet: "i made avocado pound cake... lots of amazing." … [Read more...]


Todd was in town a few weeks ago.  We have a tradition of meeting him in Washington, DC and finding an interesting spot for dinner! Last time, Chris Ann was with him and we checked out Potenza.  This time, Todd had CityZen on the radar.  CityZen is at the Mandarin Hotel in DC.  It was the middle of the week and the streets were quiet, so was the hotel.  We were greeted kindly by the doorman and walked in.  The matrie d' greeted us and politely explained to us that we would have to sit at the bar.  You see, Devon and I had jeans … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday-Pictures

I love the pictures on my walls.  They each have a story.  Like this one.  It was given to me by my husband on our first anniversary.  It hangs above my bed. This one that my mother took.  It reads like a miniature oil painting and captures a moment with my son and baby daughter. Teapot, that daughter has grown and painted me this little number.  It sits on my kitchen windowsill. This was taken when my oldest, Drama Boy, was about 7.  I always think of U2's War album. This little watercolor I … [Read more...]

VEAL SCALLOPINI – Remembering Childhood

Part of what we enjoy so much here at LoveFeast Table, is welcoming guests to our table! Today is a special day because the guest that has pulled up a chair is our Feast sister on the other side of the pond, Jamie from Life's A Feast!  Jamie is a wonderful writer and paints pictures with her words that invite the reader right into her memories!  Pull up a chair to the table and enjoy this story! Jamie: It was just 3 or 4 days shy of my ninth birthday. I had dreamed of owning a “big bike”, moving from a kid’s small bicycle … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Anytime we are asked to make a dish, this is what we turn to.  It's our "Go To" pasta dish!  It's delicious, impressive and incredibly easy! It is best made the day before, but usually we can't wait that long and dig right in!  I have to admit, it isn't always the same.  We sometimes substitute ingredients for others in our pantry, but this recipe will give you the gist!  All of these ingredients can be found at Trader Joes! Mediterranean Pasta Salad Recipe: 1 lb. hearty pasta (rigatoni is good!), cooked and … [Read more...]

Baltimore’s Ace of Cakes Book GiftAway

Our Baltimore Urban Party Peacock is here to announce the winner of our 2nd Ace of Cakes book GiftAway! The winner is Cyndy N!!  Congratulations Cyndy! The drawing was held by and our book was provided by the publisher!!  OK, hon? … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday – Inspiration All Around

Fancy Friday has come again!!  There is a lot that has been inspiring!  February and March were jam packed with tons of inspiration for us at LoveFeast Table. I attended Blissdom and was inspired by Kevin Carrol's keynote on finding your "red rubber ball".... that which gives you passion and makes your work feel like play. Meeting other bloggers that you have befriended online is inspiring. I got to meet Sandy of The Reluctant Entertainer at Blissdom.   She has a blog about hospitality and sharing … [Read more...]

Midtown Global Market Blogger Night

Well...I got out Tuesday night!  And...not just out....out-out! Sort of left my some would say! Suburbia Man came home from work...I put on my new top from Hot Mama and hit the road on my way to the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.  I was headed to a Minnesota Blog Pantry event at A La Salsa.  The event was planned by Molly of Tastebud Tart. Kristin and I have been on a blogging events roll....first with me attending Blissdom.  Then, Kristin attended SITS girl's Bloggy Bootcamp.  And, now I was at this event … [Read more...]