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Fancy Friday Mugs

Kristin's Mugs~ Look closely and you can see a coffee stain in this mug! This is my happy mug and it was given to me on my Birthday from my kids.  I drink my Americano out of it every morning. This little baby was given to me by Chris Ann years ago.  She bought it while she was in NY at one of our favorite stores, Fishs Eddy.  I love to serve lattes in it for our guests! Whenever we travel, we pick up mugs.  Devon brought the black one back from Ukraine.  The other two were from a trip to India.   I love the … [Read more...]

Unexpected LoveBomb

Last week, I was home with Little Man.  I got a call from Miss Preschool.  She was my daughter's preschool teacher over 4 years ago.  The preschool is in a church up the street.  Miss Preschool began to tell me about a problem she was having and she didn't know what to do.  "Kristin, there are these two young people sleeping outside the doorway to the preschool.  They were here yesterday.  The church wants me to call the police and have them arrested.  But, I just don't feel right about it.  You came to mind."  I asked Miss … [Read more...]

Lucia’s Restaurant

After attending the FRESH Farm to Table Event at Lucia's Restaurant a little more than a week ago,  I decided to cap off the evening with dinner there, with my husband. Lucia's has a soothing neighborly atmosphere, the perfect place for dinner at the end of the week. First, I ordered this salad.  It was Mixed Greens with Baby Arugula, Radicchio, Pastures-A-Plenty Cottage Bacon, 6-Year Aged Cheddar Cheese, Currants, Apricots, and Riesling Vinaigrette.  It was salad heaven. Look at that bite of bacon closely and … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Lemon Zest

Fancy Words to live by...When life hands you lemons... make lemonade. Sometimes lemonade doesn't quite meet the need, so you could scoop up some special ingredients... and make lemon souffle! Maybe you need to soar higher... travel farther or... linger longer to find your zest.  But if you stop to remember... what sweet things your everyday life has to offer... you'll realize you're lemons are pretty delicious after all! … [Read more...]

FRESH Farm To Table Event At Lucia’s

Gathering at the table is always a good thing.  Last Friday I was able to have the opportunity to sit at Lucia's gracious table at a Farm to Table Event supporting the movie, FRESH: New thinking About What We're Eating.  It was an opportunity for me, a suburban mom and blogger, to learn a little more about the sustainable food and farming movement from some of the people who are living and leading it in the Twin Cities. Lucia, of Lucia's Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN) led the conversation.  Lucia is a leader in the local … [Read more...]

Barrio Tequila Bar Restaurant

After our our day out at the Macy's Flower Show a couple of weeks ago, Kristen and I decided to walk down the block to have lunch at Barrio. The weather was unseasonably warm so we were thinking about sitting outside. Barrio has been on my list so I was excited to eat there! They had a great lunch special going on too! The table next to us was having the special with Sangria.  We said, "We will have what they're having!!"  It looked wonderful...especially the Sangria.  We're fans of … [Read more...]

Art & Inspiration

Spring is here!  And, I know that I am enjoying it inside and out.  A while ago I was the lucky winner of this beautiful oil painting in a giveaway from Sandy, who writes the blog The Reluctant Entertainer.  Her blog has lots of wonderful tips and stories on hospitality and sharing a meal together with people at your table.  I got an opportunity to meet Sandy at the Blissdom Conference and after visiting her blog knew from the start we had a lot in common including the love and inspiration of art!  This oil painting that Sandy … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Dishes

Kristin's Dishes:  A fancy dish could be a dish that was passed down from your mother-in-law.  I wonder how many meals were served with this flow blue plate as the center piece? This stack of real seashell bowls were passed down from my great grandmother.  She entertained with fine china and linen napkins.  I bet the ladies wore white gloves while they were being served shrimp cocktail in these fragile dishes. Fancy could be that gem of a teapot found at a yard sale.  This beauty was loved and repaired with thought … [Read more...]

Memories of Dishes

Dishes.  Most tell a story.  Mine do.  Dishes are something Kristin and I have always liked.  Our back closets and hutches are filled with mismatched stacks and candles and such.  Years ago we would roam flea markets and yard sales looking for the perfect vintage pattern with sticky toddlers in tow, babies hung 'round our necks and pushing strollers with twisted wheels.  We would find an odd piece here and there, a stapled together repaired old teapot (yes, metal staples!), a single cup and saucer - mixed in with the perfect lamp … [Read more...]


One of Kristin's and my favorite things are tables and tablescaping.   We love to gather our friends at our tables!   We love to get out all our dishes and found objects and create a table that is warm and welcoming for our guests. When we set our table it is with our guests in mind.  It is something we enjoy doing.   We like to think about each guest and how we hope they will feel happy, special and welcome at our tables. These are some inspiring table Kristen and I found on the ground level of Macy's during the … [Read more...]