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I Fell in Love in Colorado

Sixteen years ago, I married a boy.  He was only 19 and had long hair.  He wore shorts and birkenstocks.  I had hair down the middle of my back and was 9 months pregnant.  We were young but, we were in love.  We met in Ocean City, MD.  It was a "summer romance".  Two weeks before Devon was to move to Colorado with my brother, I discovered I was pregnant.  I had seen people get married because of a baby and knew that the odds of it working out were slim.  I had just met Devon.  I wasn't in love.  So, I sent him on his way with my … [Read more...]

Hot Banana Boat Dessert II

Do you have a good campfire recipe or story?  If you do, please share it in the comments section with us!  We are looking for some yummy treats to cook over a fire!  This post was originally posted almost exactly a year ago, May 25, 2009.  It's a "blast from the past". What's in your fire?  Hopefully, hot melted Banana Boats!  You can see ours above, wrapped in tinfoil,  baking in the warmth of the coals.  Here is a treat you can make today.  This is what you need: Bananas, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and a … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Black And White

Life lived in the black and white, reflects strength. Definition. Clear choices. Structure. Loyalty. Life lived in color reflects humility. Flexibility. Beauty and.. Friendship. Black and's a "Both And".  We need them both to travel through this life and grab from it all the creativity and depth they both have to offer. … [Read more...]

The Don’s Limoncello

One of things we like to do here at LoveFeast Table is to bring together people to share stories, experiences, and conversation.  We like to meet people along our journey and hear their story.  And, if it happens to be around the subject of food or drink, all the better! On my flight to visit Kristin last week I happened to share some conversation across our drop-down tray-tables with a gentleman in my row named Don.  After some small talk, Don offered some explanation about his second mini-bottle of wine.  Instinctively, I … [Read more...]

FooMamas Style

Yeah, so we've decided there needs to be a new genre for bloggers...The FooMama Style!  You see, LoveFeast Table is a food blog.  We talk about food, the conversations that happen at the table, food memories, the people who join us at the table and food toys!  But, we also happen to be Mamas!  There are 9 kids between us, so we are definitely qualified to be "Mommy Bloggers".  At the same time, we are both artists and we love anything that sparks our imaginations or strikes our fancies.  So, we think, if you want to throw us in a … [Read more...]

Momz Share~Simply Leap!

" Simply Leap, is about these shifts. Sometimes it's a huge step into the unknown. Usually, it's altering how you think and your view of what's possible." ~Lauree Ostrofsky (life coach at Simply Leap) Lauree went on to explain to us that sometimes when a person is ready to take a risk, they jump right off the cliff!  But, others need to have subtle shifts in their thinking before even making a small step.  Chris Ann and I quickly shared that we are cliff's in both our first born personalities.  We usually … [Read more...]

IRL Baltimore

IRL also known as "In Real Life", is the best! Especially when you haven't seen each other in like 6 months!  Chris Ann (lives in Minneapolis) and I (Baltimore) talk multiple times a day on the phone!  We text each other and even exchange "multiple personality" tweets!  But, we live for the moments we have IRL time!  This weekend gave us such a gift! Chris Ann arrived Wednesday night!  My kids, being budding bloggers, snapped pictures as she loaded into the truck!  We whisked her home! That night she kicked her feet up, … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Pinkalicious!

This picture really says it all for us! Have you read the book? Pinkalicious? You see, Lil' Fancy Sis also goes by the name Hollywood.  Pink lip gloss must be applied before bed, while wearing a pink princess hat, decked in pink shades and a fluffy pink robe.  Every day, Lil' Hollywood has to wear two different colored socks.  It doesn't matter what the event is or what wardrobe she is sporting...two different socks.  In our opinion, Lil' Hollywood embodies all things pink...needless to say, she's a fancy girl! Need we say more? … [Read more...]

I’m On My Way!

My suitcase is packed and I'm ready to go!  Kristin and I are looking forward to 5 days of fun together.  We have a bunch of things to work on for our blog and of course we'll share some time around the table... whether it's Maryland crabs, pizza on the grill, fine dining or a favorite local restaurant.   We haven't been together since October, when we created Fancy Friday and challenged Ryan of This Is Reverb, to a LoveFeast TakeOn!   We know we are looking forward to meeting up with some other east coast bloggers during my … [Read more...]

Tickled Pink Tropical “Iced Tea”

Something tells us it's going to be a great summer!  For starters...Chris Ann will be flying in to B'more to meet up with Kristin for some LoveFeast Table time.  We are going to be hanging out, meeting up with the bloggers of Momz Share and sipping something pink.  Thinking about pink...look what our friend Greg from Sippity Sup has made for us?!  This summers "signature" cocktail!!  Inspired by pink and party friendly we are looking forward to tasting it together.  So, raise a glass to Greg who has created this wonderful drink … [Read more...]