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LoveBomb-ing Boys @Ridge

We headed back to Ridge.  We head up there once a month, fire up our grill, bring cases of Mountain Dew and feed the boys!  They know when we're coming now.  They expect us.  They've even accepted us.  It's wild because the first time we LoveBomb-ed, they weren't sure if they could trust us.  We were constantly asked, "Why are you here? Why would you feed us? What's your angle? What's the catch?"  We answered back, "To feed you.  We thought you'd be hungry. No angle. No catch."  We decided consistency was best.  Some LoveBombs we … [Read more...]

Baltimore National Aquarium

When Chris Ann was in town, we decided to take the National Aquarium of Baltimore up on it's offer to come for a visit.  Lil' Man has been in love with fish as early as I can remember.  Finding Nemo was his favorite movies and we watched it over and over again.  So, as we headed to the Baltimore Inner Harbor, we knew we were on the hunt to find Nemo! This summer, if you are planning a visit to Baltimore, this stop is a must!! The National Aquarium of Baltimore sits right on the water.  It is flanked by an old power plant … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday City Murals

Bombing is "is the act of throwing up a large piece of graffiti".  Michael Owen is literally Love Bombing all over Baltimore.  He has initiated a mural project called Baltimore Love Project. "This project is not intended to change the world. However, we know that these murals have the power to inspire change, if just through small, tangible acts of love from one to another. We hope a man is moved to pick up flowers for his girlfriend or a mother reconsiders hitting her child for a night. In order to assist in these … [Read more...]

Signs Of A Great Summer

This summer shows excellent signs of bursting with potential if this past weekend was any indicator. Right off that bat I hit a yard sale and scored some cute porch decor and a set of dishes! There was time to work in my garden. There were eager helpers who wanted to start their chores before breakfast! Roxy met a fan who wanted to "contain" her!  Roxy can barely "contain" her enthusiasm for the situation. got hotchalk? got hot help? Suburbia Man stains the deck-fresh for the … [Read more...]

Sharing A Table & A Cupcake

Somewhere along my carpool route, three days before Mother's Day, the idea occurred to me.  It began as only an idea of a cupcake drop-off.  Something similar to my cookie drop in a mailbox of a friend.  Around here at LoveFeast Table we like to call it a LoveBomb.  A LoveBomb is a gift of a meal or morsel shared unexpectedly.  The concept is simple.  Who doesn't like a little treat or even a whole meal passed their way?  It's some unexpected goodness that lifts the spirit and brightens the day.  On a basic level food is a common … [Read more...]