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Fall Fashion Shopping

There's nothing more fun then sharing your shopping with your peeps!  So, if anyone is curious as to what we bought with our Houndstooth credit from BlogLove....Kristin got this amazing sweater... and I got this relaxed and cozy shirt. We also spent some time chatting with Amber, the owner of Houndstooth, about fall fashion. And, got a sneak peak at her new website! Houndstooth Boutique is a chic little shop in Savage, Minnesota. BlogLove Minnesota attendees received a Houndstooth gift to spend … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fall Fashion

Houndstooth Boutique in Savage, Minnesota was one of the businesses that put a little swag in our bags at BlogLove!!  During the week while Kristin was visiting we ran down to Houndstooth and interviewed Amber, the owner to see what is going to be in fashion for this fall!  Amber is really knowledgeable and will know just the right look for you!!  So peek through your BlogLove swag bag and find her business card and visit Houndstooth to use your store credit special for BlogLove Minnesota attendees! And, here's a look at this … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~What’s Your Fancy?

Truly, fancy is in the eye of the beholder!!  Here at LoveFeast Table's Fancy Friday we gather around our table to share the creativity, color, inspiration, and art that we find!!  We invite other bloggers to share their inspiration too, in a Fancy Friday Blog Party so that we all can click through, visit other blogs, so we all get to share what inspires us and makes us happy!! This Fancy Friday was inspired by this lady. She was waiting at the train station in Baltimore.  She was a vision of years gone by, where ladies … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Table Family Recap

There was more than enough action packed into this week!  Kristin's tribe drove across the states from Maryland like they did a couple of summers ago to join our gang for a week of eating, playing and a LoveFeast Table hosted a bloggers' networking event called BlogLove. While the event took a bit of our time and attention.  We still made a way to enjoy our growing families.  We managed to have family time around our event that included time at the skate park and a visit to a bakery.  We trooped our troops to play laser … [Read more...]

LoveFeast’s Own Spanish Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

Many of you have asked (and twittered) for Devon's homemade chicken Caesar salad recipe. If you didn't attend BlogLove European Marketplace Event, this chicken Caesar salad recipe will give you a taster of what we served! This recipe goes back to our coffee shop days. It is a favorite at our Table and we make it often when we want to give our guests a fresh twist on a traditional Caesar salad. We call it a Spanish Caesar, because we make it with Manchego cheese instead of Parmesan. It does not call for raw egg, but Greek … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday BlogLove™ Minnesota

Fancy Friday is here!!  And, this Friday we are feeling very fancy about all the bloggers that showed up to the first Minnesota BlogLove™ event!!  BlogLove events are meant to be inspiring and experiential networking events.  In June, LoveFeast hosted a BlogLove in Kristin's stomping ground at Zeke's Coffee Shop in Baltimore, Maryland.  We had a coffee tasting and learned about roasting beans and picked our LoveFeast Brew.  Here in Minnesota the theme was European Market Place and was held at Camille en Rouge in Prior … [Read more...]

BlogLove European Marketplace Guests

We had an amazing time this past Tuesday night!  We were so excited to meet so many local bloggers we had never met before!  We are working on a recap post for tomorrow, but for now, we wanted to share a list of all of those that attended!  So, for those of you who attended, get your posts ready to link up here tomorrow for FancyFriday BlogLove and for those of you who weren't able to attend, we hope you enjoy reading all about it!  We hope you are inspired just by the stories! At the Table, Chris Ann and Kristin Erin … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ Minnesota

One of our favorite parts of throwing a party, is creating atmosphere.  We love to brainstorm a theme, create decor that reflects that theme, develop a menu and of course, come up with inspiring gifts for our guests!  BlogLove Minnesota™ is tonight and this party is no different than any other!!!  When Camille en Rouge offered up her antique store and we knew that delicious croissants were just around the corner at Edelweiss Bakery, a European Marketplace theme was the perfect title for our event! We told Devon the … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ Minnesota Event Filled!

Wow!!  We have had an unbelievable response to our BlogLove™ event in Minnesota!!  We are so excited to meet those of you that are coming!  Many of you have called and tweeted your bloggy friends and now we have new faces joining us as well!  While we hate to turn anyone away...our event is filled to capacity!! We are also very excited to thank our BlogLove partners! Aveda Store, Southdale Mall, Edina, MN Camille en Rouge Prior Lake, MN Kelli Lea ~Sewing ~Prior Lake, MN The Vintage Pearl I Am … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Shoes

CA:  Kristin~Let's start with these heels...because like, we were heels...hahaha...and missed our Fancy Friday last week while we were at BlogHer10. K:  Ok, I know lets find a quote about putting your best foot forward. CA:  Whoops I just did a typo and said putting your best food forward.  So what kind of blog are we any way? K:  Wasn't that the million dollar question at BlogHer10? CA:  True that.  Wait.  Let's not get off topic..who's shoes are these? K:  These blue shoes are Rebecca's, from Bunch Family.  … [Read more...]