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Gussy LoveFeast Vacation Bag Giveaway

We're heading out for our amazing vacation at the Azul Sensatori Hotel, of Karisma Hotels.  And, as bloggers who are on a mission to share with you via, our cameras, computers, and video our experience...we realized we needed a vacay gear bag! was a good thing we know Maggie of Gussy Sews! Maggie sewed both of us amazing custom bags special for our Mexico getaway!  And, she made one for one of you too!!  She's spunky like that! After spending hours picking out fabric...we came up with three LoveFeast … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Chris Ann!!!

Good morning sistah!  You are waking up, too early....I'm guessing 4 a.m.   I know you are frantically throwing your last minute things in your bag to head to the airport.   I wanted to be the second, 'cause I'm sure Todd was the first, to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Here's your gift... Originally I thought I'd bring it to Cancun to hand to you personally.  But, then I thought, some gift!  I don't want to make you lug it around!!  So, I'll ship it to you when I return! Have a wonderful day!!! (I know you will!)  … [Read more...]

We’re Going To Mexico For Vacation!

We have a confession here at LoveFeast Table.  We're fleeing the country We need a little getaway, for a little bit anyway.  It's not because we're not tough.  It's not because we can't take it!  Seriously it has nothing to do with this being in my garage.  Or, this being in Kristin's trash. Certainly we have found good reasons for leaving the country before that had nothing to do with needing a break from kids, the back to school rush, rodents or floods.  (A few years ago it involved a game of Poker, Sangria and a wager over … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor A Beautiful Life

Not too long ago, we discovered that our friend Sandy, of The Reluctant Entertainer was doing a 31 Days Series for the entire month of October.  The 31 Days Series is inspired by The Nester, of The Nesting Place.  They along with a group of bloggers are blogging a 31 day series on different themes.  We were inspired!!!  So much so, that we've decided to do our own.  What does this mean?  Every day in October, we will feature a post around our theme "Savoring a Beautiful Life". Savoring a beautiful life is something that runs … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Fall-scaping

This is my porch this week.  I haven't yet put my fall touches on it.  There are some things I've been collecting here and there.  Can you spy?  There are some tall grasses tucked in and fallen over.  To tell the truth I've gathered up some lovely "scaping" projects for this season.  Some of them are tucked under my desk and some are bagged in the back of my van.  They're all projects I've been meaning to get to.   They are all waiting to debut.   Yes, I know today is Fancy Friday~Fall-scaping.  But the truth is...I played hooky … [Read more...]

Moveable Feast is Dining Out

Just wanted to share with you folks here in Baltimore, tomorrow, Moveable Feast is Dining Out!  Moveable Feast delivers nutritious, healthful foods to home-bound people living with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, or other life-threatening conditions...and are the ONLY such meal delivery program for People Living With AIDS for the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan area. They also provide numerous services and programs for the home-bound and homeless, including a transportation service and a culinary training … [Read more...]

When Challenges Lead to New Chapters

Devon and I and our kids, four at the time, spent almost a year traveling the world.  We visited Nanning and Hong Kong, in China... Manila and Bagiuo in the Philippines and Hawaii. Then I visited South Africa and our family took a trip to Ireland. Before our year excursion, we had sold our coffee shop, our house and all of our belongings.  We were open to whatever adventure lay ahead! We weren't sure where we'd land after we were done...but, when our travel time was up, we found ourselves in … [Read more...]

Vintage Door Made Into A Desk

While we were together in Baltimore this past August, Kristin and I put together this introduction video for our first LoveFeast Table project.  The project involves taking an old reclaimed or vintage door and re-purposing it into a custom made desk or table.  As Kristin shares in the video, vintage doors made into desks or tables are part of our LoveFeast Table history.  So, here's a bit more of the vintage door story~enjoy a little of our story and the video highlights of our project! Here's a bit of a look at the finished … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Creative Spark

One of the ways I get my creative spark going is getting out and seeing beautiful things.  Today I'm going to the Junk Bonanza with Mela and Kristen.  Yesterday I spent the day with them too.  In the morning Mela and I went to The Creative Connection Event in downtown Minneapolis to the HandMade Market to see some beautiful and inspiring creations and meet and mingle with some wonderfully creative and talented women (like~Maggie, of Gussy Sews &  the dynamic duo of DIY Dish).  A few of these gals we have met online blogging … [Read more...]

Angel Food Cake Recipe

There's nothing more heavenly than Angel Food Cake!  It's light, fluffy and melts in your mouth!  That's what I made for Devon's birthday this year!  It's his fav!  So, follow the crumb trail over to She's Becoming Doughmesstic, 'cause we were invited to be a guest at her Table! … [Read more...]