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31 Days to Savor~Homemade Pesto

Here in Baltimore, the basil in my garden is beginning to lose it's green.  Before winter sets in and summer is no more, I like to make a large batch of pesto.  That way, in the cold of winter, I can savor a little taste of summer. Don't be intimidated if you've never made it, it's not hard.  Just get out your blender or food processor.  Grab some basil, olive oil, nuts...most recipes call for pine nuts, but we have used walnuts and pecans too...garlic, Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper. Click here for a great … [Read more...]

31 Days to Savor~GNO

I saw my sister this past weekend.  She was telling me about a friend of hers.  My sister had invited her out for a girl's night out (GNO).  She said, "Let's go out and have a glass of wine."  To which her friend replied, "Like, out of the house?" Truth be told, I don't even have a grid for this.  GNO is a must!  It is the life blood for us women.  It's a chance to speak freely, share our hearts, laugh, relax, catch up and just be women.   My husband jokingly refers to it as "Red Tent Time".  (Yeah, I mistakenly told him … [Read more...]

Azul Sensatori Hotel Cancun Mexico

Our recent vacation at Azul Sensatori in Cancun, Mexico was a beautiful treat. While the Azul Sensatori is an all-inclusive family resort.  We went with our husbands sans kids!  We stayed in the Premium Jacuzzi Suites that are well suited for adults with a little more of a private feeling. Here's a little tour of our rooms.  A beautiful bright room with lots of light, a sitting area inside and a jacuzzi bath overlooking the balcony. The cold bucket of champagne was a lovely touch. Here is our … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor~Recipe For A Better Sandwich

Today for our 31 Days To Savor A Beautiful Life series we are going to share about the art of making a better sandwich!   Life is busy and many of us are too use to running through the drive-thru in search of a sandwich or guilty of eating our childrens' sandwich crusts for lunch while simultaneously cleaning up the kitchen. But, today we are going to talk about taking time to make yourself a better sandwich.  I have a few tricks that I think make a better sandwich. The first is good hearty toasted bread.  Then add some … [Read more...]

Gussy LoveFeast Vacay Bag Giveaway Winner!

Our tradition here at LoveFeast Table is to announce the winner of any of our giveaways with a LoveFeast Party Peacock.  Here's the inside joke...the party peacock is a rooster!!  A rooster!  We've been celebrating our giveaways since the beginning like this...and here's the thing...the roosters are getting harder to come by!!  So, I was thinking that you might want to play along and send us your favorite rooster to celebrate one of our future giveaways with!  Just send us your crazy rooster picture to lovefeasttable at … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor~Wine Bottle Corks

We know that if you like to savor a nice glass of wine like we do then you easily may be inspired to save your old wine corks.  One way to savor your memories is remembering the time you shared a glass of vino together with someone, by saving your wine cork.  Piled together they say time was treasured when you joined someone at the table to savor a beautiful moment. There are lots of fun ways to show off your wine corks.  Kristin filled her hurricane with corks to surrounded her candles on her birthday table.  You can see more … [Read more...]

31 Days to Savor~Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Recently Devon and I were at the Great Grapes Wine Festival in Annapolis.  We walked around and sampled yummy food and wine!  One of the tents we visited was Laconiko.  The brother and sister team there, were so excited to introduce us to their extra virgin olive oil produced in Greece on their family grove.  Their family has been in the olive oil business for 150 years!  They were so passionate about REAL extra virgin olive oil.  Most of what is sold in the states as extra virgin olive oil, only contains some, extra virgin olive … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor~Friendship

Before Kristin left from her visit to my home in Minnesota this August, she wrote this on my chalkboard. You remember our obsession with chalkboards, right?  Well, the chalkboard is a symbol of our journey of friendship here at LoveFeast Table.  A journey started with 4 friends, an old frame and some inspiration!  The chalkboard represents a lot to us.  For us its a symbol of our friendship and the memories we've written together...treasuring the meals we've shared, the adventures we've been on and the moments we've … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Graffiti

Art. What is it? Asking quizzically.  What's this? Silence and peace of art treasures hidden away.  Between stations stillness framed by cold metal angels. Exuberant zig zag of calligraffiti.  Comes alive in this modern city. Like ancient cave paintings transformed to this day. Like a gem in the mud never ceasing to shine. Brooding energy ready to explode at any time. Brightens up my day riding the subway. Same as my craft tries to awaken the hidden and the lost. Graffiti cemetery … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor~Fall Planter Decorating

This year I have the easiest trick to bring your summer planters from summer to fall for our 31 Days To Savor series. Every year I take a sunny fall day and shift my porch from summer to fall.  It is a day I savor to be outside and to be creative. Here is what I did this year to my porch planters.   At the end of the summer season I am sorry to say this is what my planters were a little sad and thirsty!  Since my plants were looking so tired, I didn't waste my time or create a mess by pulling the plants out.  I … [Read more...]