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31 Days to Savor~LeChique Restaurant Mexico

Sometimes savoring comes in the unexpected.  Sometimes savoring comes out of the box.  You might need to open your mind to something new, put away your fears and expectations and open up to undiscovered flavors.  We did this very thing last Friday night at Le Chique at Azul Sensatori Hotel in Mexico. Chef Jonatan Gomez Luna, who trained at El Bulli (rated for a long time as number 1 restaurant in the world!) treated us to a culinary adventure that was surprising, delightful and delicious!  The meal was full of surprises!  … [Read more...]

31 Days to Savor~Your Kids

Life can get busy!  Most days we feel like taxi drivers, driving from soccer field, to gymnastics, from voice lessons to drums.  Not to mention multiple trips to the grocery store to keep our refrigerators stocked for growing teenagers.  In the rush of the day, it's easy to focus on the to do list and "getting it done".  The other day, I took a moment...and took my three year old to the playground. Then, I sat and watched him, while he laughed, explored and swung. Cause why would I want to do anything else but  … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor~Your Pet

Make your dog Queen or King for a day.  Taking time to play with your pet gives you some down time and permission to play as well!  Take time to go for a walk with them or sit down and play a little.  Every body needs a little recess!  Recess is good for the body and soul.  And, we are pretty sure your pet will like it too! … [Read more...]

31 Days to Savor~Inspiration Boards

Grab a stack of magazines and a good size piece of foam core...some glue and a pair of scissors. Start to flip through the magazines and cut out pictures or words that inspire you.  Maybe the pictures exemplify a goal you want to achieve or a memory you have. The words could be a poem or a life statement.   Maybe the images are just beautiful and inspire you. Make sure you cover every white space and don't be afraid to go off the page.  Use this time to express yourself and inspire new ideas! Hang your … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor~Kosher Salt

What kind of salt do you cook with?  Iodized...regular table salt?  We switched years ago when my husband was cooking professionally.  We use kosher salt now.  This kind. We keep it in this iron ware bowl above the stove to grab a pinch or two when we need it! It makes a huge difference in how your food tastes.  You don't believe me?  Take a little taster of iodized then a taster of kosher, side by side.  Do you notice the iodized has a metallic flavor?  So will your food.  To savor a beautiful life in your kitchen, … [Read more...]

Savoring Azul Sensatori

Savor~Definition:  To appreciate fully; enjoy or relish! A peaceful morning breakfast where we get to linger, relax, and chat. Gourmet breakfast served delicious and hot! Morning yoga in the hot sun right on the ocean. This is a place to rest and think and dream. This is a place to feel the sand between your toes. We are truly having a wonderful time...We have so much to share.  We've swam, eaten, rested and relaxed to our hearts content.  Tonight we finished the evening with an incredible 14 … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Tables

We've enjoyed a lot of tables together!  And, now we are so glad to share this "table" with you!!  We hope your Friday is Fancy and your table is filled with good food & friends to savor a beautiful life with! ~Chris Ann & Kristin How do you savor your table experiences and memories? … [Read more...]