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Azul Sensatori Video Overview

This past September, 2010 LoveFeast Table took a vacation to Mexico and stayed at the lovely Azul Sensatori.  This is a video overview of our experience! *We stayed at Azul Sensatori as sponsored guests of the hotel. … [Read more...]

Azul Sensatori Riviera Maya Cancun Mexico

Last September, we had a vacation at the hotel, Azul Sensatori, by Karisma.  We went as couples, leaving our 9 kids at home.  It was a great break after the craziness of the back-to-school rush. The lush grounds of Azul Sensatori and the beach butlers were a welcome sight. Our Premium Jacuzzi Suite rooms were spacious and modern with a lovely view of the ocean. Had we brought our 9 kids along (next time!) they would have loved the spaces created just for them.  Azul Sensatori has … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Holiday Shopping

We, along with our husbands, have every age and stage in our own large families.  We have 9 children total and they run from preschool age 3 through 1st grade, elementary school, middle school, to our oldest 16 year old boys.  We are the main shoppers of our households so along with the decorating, the cooking, the shopping and the wrapping this is a busy time of year.  But, gift giving is something we love to do.  Some may say this season is too materialistic.  And, it is true it sometimes may seem to push that way.  But, gifts … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks again for joining us at LoveFeast Table!  We have enjoyed sharing our virtual table with you & are thankful that you've stopped by to visit us!  We are so thankful for all that we've learned this year on our blog, for our readers and for all the friends we've made! With the holidays just around the corner we invite you to join us at the table in December while we host a virtual Cookie Exchange with 12 days of guest food bloggers, cookie recipes & tips for savoring the holidays! Have a wonderful … [Read more...]

Chicago Trip With Kids

Just a couple a few weeks ago I took these three on a trip to Chicago during fall break.  My 13 year old daughter was in Washington, D.C. on her 8th grade class trip.  My husband had business in Chicago and flew there early in the morning.   That same morning,  I started driving from Minneapolis in my minivan with three kids.  You are probably wondering what bet I lost.  But, really it wasn't too bad.  Truly.  We went from Chicago to visit my brother's family so we needed the van.  There is nothing like driving up to a nice hotel … [Read more...]

Baltimore Thanksgiving Menu 2010

I've done it!  I finally made the Thanksgiving menu.  In our home there are dishes we have year to year but, there are always new twists we add.  Here it is! Two smoked with an apple, pecan and mushroom stuffing.  (There is no recipe for this yet.  Devon will "wing it" and come up with something delish!) The other turkey we will be going back to a Martha Stewart recipe we made over ten years ago that produced the most beautiful and delicious bird you have ever seen or eaten!  It has a pomegranate glaze!  The … [Read more...]

A Cook’s Thanksgiving Story

Last year at about this time we were honored to have Kate, from Kate in the Kitchen write a guest blog around the theme of Thanksgiving.  Kate is a Minnesota blogger that we have had the pleasure to meet several times at blogging meet ups through out the year.  Kate is going to be joining our table again this December for our "Savoring The Holidays" series.  We will have 12 straight days of talented bloggers sharing their cookie recipes, stories, and tips for savoring the holidays. Kate is an amazing cook and baker and a … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Give Thanks For Friends

Satin ribbons, colorful paint chips, textures of fabrics, thoughtful details in a jacket, fall vegetables and handmade crafts all inspire us!  But, conversation with new friends and old, are the moments we live for! We have had many people over this past year stop by our Table.  Some of which have become good friends and others we wish we had more time to get to know!  Today, we want to thank a few of them for inspiring us! Random Thoughts of a Citymouse Debi's "Tunes I Like Tuesday" keeps our work sounds fresh and … [Read more...]

Velvet Pumpkin Center Piece

Chris Ann had seen these beauties in real life. She's the one who discovered them and she even brought a few home.   I had pumpkin envy.  But, to be honest, it didn't last for long!  I ordered my own set.  I went a little "non-traditional" to match my newly (in process of) remodeled dining room. As some of you know, we have been in the midst of a major renovation after our flood.  Because my life has been in renovation mode, my design bug has been in hibernation mode.  I didn't plant a single mum...or even make my front … [Read more...]

Velvet Pumpkin Thanksgiving Mantel Decoration

After gathering up my supplies the other day I was fully prepared to "mantel-scape".  This year I came across what I think is a "find".  These delicious velvet pumpkins by Plush Pumpkin. This is what I started with, my scaled down freshly dusted simple mantel. Then I added some love. The trompe l'oeil effect of the painting and the pumpkins is kind of fun. The newly decorated mantel ended up adding a cozy warmth to my living room, even from afar. Our contest to win a trio of Plush … [Read more...]