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Happy New Years From LoveFeast Table

  Dear Friends, We want to thank you for pulling up a chair to our table this year!  It was an exciting and busy year for us as we launched our new site, an online boutique and met so many wonderful people.  Thank you for joining us! We have been in great company. This is our latest, new addition, The LoveFeast Newsletter.  We will send this out once a month to give you a quick picture of what’s to come.  We will also share a tip from our kitchen and a featured item from LoveFeast Shop.  We … [Read more...]

Holiday Sangria & Savoring The Moment

I have two amazing sister-n-laws that I have made many wonderful memories with.  My Colorado sister-n-law has taken me down treacherous 4-wheeling mountain trails in the pelting rain convincing me I could survive the elements and trail.  My Chicago sister-n-law Kim, I had a chance to make different type of memory several years ago ~ a little less life threatening.  This past Thanksgiving we were remembering one of our favorite Holiday memories together. Our Holiday Sangria Memory ~ A few years ago when Kim's family was … [Read more...]

Homemade Cinnamon Bun Tradition

Every Christmas morning, as my kids are unwrapping their gifts, cinnamon wafts through our house.  Homemade Cinnamon Buns are a requirement, (according to my kids) for Christmas Morning.  I remember one Christmas, our whole family was spending a  couple of months in the Philippines.  We were living with a team of people on a missions base in Baguio.  Our family was there on a service project.  We were volunteers, living on, next to nothing.  My children remember that Christmas as one of their favorites.  We made decorations out … [Read more...]

Eclectic Holiday Decorating Tips

Holiday decorating for us is usually all about pulling bits and pieces to create a unique look. For us, we don't decorate with a "from the box" look. We like each year to be unique and eclectic. We will pull items from different seasons, like these velvet, Plush Pumpkins. We know they are pumpkins, but the fact they are made with a lush velvet, makes them a great addition to any festive holiday display. One of the things we try and keep in mind when decorating is using items with different textures and made from different … [Read more...]

A Christmas Memory

I was in Kindergarten.  We had moved back from Little Rock, Arkansas.  My dad was a pastor and had spent some time serving a small mountain church community.  We lived in a trailer and all I really remember about Arkansas was there was a horse that lived in the next yard. Early in the mornings, I'd go out with my parents and feed it carrots. I still remember the way it's nose felt in my open hand as it feasted on the treat. Being a pastor's family, meant we lived pretty simply.  But, as a young kid, I never knew there were … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Shop ~ Giveaways

Just like a good glass of wine shared with friends ~ we believe in sharing a good secret with our friends here at LoveFeast Table!!  What's the latest tidbits? Some of our blog friends are giving away  amazing finds from our LoveFeast Shop! Visit  House of Turquoise to find our amazing Roman Glass Necklace with a real antique Byzantine Coin.  That's old - y'all!  Really old!  But, better than that ~ each coin is one of a kind and beautiful.  Kristin and I especially like the touch of the 24k gold vermeil discs at the top of … [Read more...]

Chocolate Crack Cookies

We are wrapping up the second annual Cookie Exchange at our table.  Today Shaina is joining us!   Shaina learned her way around the kitchen on the apron strings of her grandmother.  Her blog  Food for My Family  is a place where you will find treasured family favorites and tips and techniques, with a focus on family.  Today she is sharing one of her family favorite with us, Chocolate Crack Cookies. Please join us and link up your favorite recipe HERE. The more the merrier!~ Chris Ann & Kristin *********   Each … [Read more...]

Apricot Rosemary Bars

  Any woman who quotes Henri Nouwen and builds her blog around his wise words, is a friend of ours.  Henri stated, "hospitality might evoke the image of soft sweet kindness, tea parties, bland conversations and a general atmosphere of coziness...but...if there is any concept worth restoring to its original depth and evocative potential, it is the concept of hospitality." We couldn't agree more!  Kamille from Redeeming The Table, not only shared delicious recipes but takes the time to make every guest feel welcomed.  We are … [Read more...]

Rum Cookie

"Life is short, eat off the good china" is our next guest's motto.  We couldn't agree more! We even like to light candles regardless of what the main dish may be for dinner. Hamburgers by candlelight, anyone? Amy's digital sketch book, ABCD Design, is a place of true inspiration!  Whether she's sharing tips on floral design, event styling, interior design or holiday decorating, you will walk away with new ideas for your home and life. We are so glad she's joining us today And please, we'd love for you to join us and too! Link … [Read more...]


Recently we discovered our next guest, Heather at WhipperBerry.  We quickly fell in love with her site as we read what she and her contributors blog about: "We blog about life and how to make it beautiful."  She's a girl after our own hearts! (Not to mention she's a mama of many, just like us.) Then when she submitted her cookie recipe, it sealed the deal.  We are kindred spirits, (even if she doesn' t know it yet.) Please join us and link up your favorite recipe HERE. The more the merrier!~ Chris Ann & Kristin ********* I … [Read more...]