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About Us~ LoveFeast Table

This week while Kristin is visiting family in England, Chris Ann is attending the Blissdom blogging conference in Nashville. We thought it might be fun to make a new video so you could meet us both together! Thanks for checking out what we call a LoveFeast Table lifestyle. … [Read more...]

Bloggers, Brands And Business

The more we delve into this blogging world.  The more we learn about the people behind the computer screens.  Many build successful businesses around their popular blogs.  They have a voice.  They have readers.  They have influence.  They promote themselves, their interests, things they care about and brands.  They create.  They create products.  They create interest.  They create buzz. They have a way of getting up close and personal with products and brands and other people. Many have excellent ideas of how to promote … [Read more...]

Visit To Children’s Home & Community Center ~ Cancun, Mexico

Several weeks ago I went on a business trip with my husband Todd to Cancun, Mexico.  We flew in a day early, along with a team of people from the publishing company he works for to visit a squatter village and giveaway books to the children who live there. ***** The day after arriving in our hotel and getting settled, we loaded up in vans and headed through Cancun and then to the outskirts of Cancun to the area where squatter villages have sprung up.  We traveled down a bumpy dusty road that eventually lead to the … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ “Takes Flight” Baltimore Recap

We are so glad to have so many bloggers come out and join us for BlogLove™ "Takes Flight".  This is our 4th BlogLove™ event.  BlogLove™ events are blogger networking events hosted by LoveFeast Table that are meant to be experiential and inspiring.  Our first event was launch in Baltimore at Zeke's Coffee & Roastery.   We have had two events in Minnesota, BlogLove™ "European Market Place" and BlogLove™ Aveda.  This event was held at the In-Flight Theater in Baltimore. Mara Neimanis (pictured below) of the In-Flight … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Swag

Here's a little taste of  BlogLove "Takes Flight" tonight!! Joe Squared is cooking up delicious pizza, including their mushroom lovers.  Oh, and a few flavors of their creamy risotto.  Aren't you hungry? Yummy cupcakes for dessert from the sparkly case at the Golden West Cafe. Swag bags were stuffed and wrapped by Red Tree.  Did you know their name is about to change to Trohv when they open their new store in Tacoma Park. Our Daily Chocolate gifted these jewel toned beauties to each of our … [Read more...]

LoveFeast “Takes Flight” Bags & GiveAway

Over the past week I've gotten a lot of IRL (In Real Life) time with some of my blogging friends.  One of the things I like about blogging is the community it builds as well as the friendships it launches. Meeting for coffee or lunch is a welcome break from solo time behind the computer.  Sometimes you just have to reach out and do lunch IRL style.  And, I have been doing just that lately. (Anna from Motherly Law, Jennifer ~ Grow With Graces, Kate ~ Kate In The Kitchen, Elle ~ All Things Bright & Beautiful, … [Read more...]

Latest Trip To Mexico

Just a few days ago I got back from another 8 days in Cancun.  I know, don't hate me.  Who knew, this year would be the year of trips to Mexico!  And, here is a confession...I'm planning to be back again soon!  (Next time with my family!)   Kristin and I and our husbands had a great trip this past October visiting a truly lovely hotel, Azul Sensatori on the Riviera Maya. This time I was back in Cancun, with my husband Todd for a business trip and vacation with the company he works for Capstone.  We went a day early to … [Read more...]

BlogLove~Networking Event for Bloggers!

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? —it is the same the angels breathe."    ~Mark Twain The theme of this event is "Takes Flight"!  We will be joining Mara Neimanis, trapeze artist, at her studio to hear her story and watch her feet come off the ground!  She will be joined by a couple of other trapeze artists from the Baltimore area!  We will also be hearing from a new blogger, Adryon's Kitchen.  She's just taking flight in the blogging … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Favorite Things

Every once and a while, we pause to share with you some of our favorite things!  These are items in our lives that make us smile, inspires us, make our lives easier or just plain makes us happy!  We'd love to see what things are tickling your fancy these days!! Link up your post so we can see!! This bolt of rag ribbon from Anthropologie just sits on my desk because it makes me smile. There's another yummy piece that came from Anthropologie that was given to me by my friend Diana over at True Character!  She has her own … [Read more...]

Redecorate Our Bedroom

We then moved onto our bedroom!  In our last house, I think we painted every room in the house but our bedroom.  It was looking like this was going to be the case this time too.  But, when we decided to get the carpet put in our room to help insulate (our bedroom is over our garage), we mustered up the strength to throw one more room in the mix of our whole house remodel! I've had the paint for some time.  I knew I wanted to do a candlelight faux finish.  This painting technique calls for a coat of paint first.  Then a top … [Read more...]