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Daughter’s Room Remodel

A couple of months ago, we were wrapping up the remodeling projects on our house....or so we thought!  We were in the middle of laying new hard wood floors in our living room and dining room. We were also repainting and making our daughter's room "more grown up".  Of course, you start a remodeling project and it's inevitable you open up Pandora's Box!  Our flood happened!  All of a sudden we were faced with (almost) an entire house remodel!  We ended up having to redo our entire basement, the entire kitchen and wrap up the … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Best Of 2010

Welcome to our Fancy Friday Best of 2010.  My personal favorite of the year was Kristin's Fancy Friday Black And White.  There were pictures from our travels to Italy, as well as Kristin's travels to Africa.  I thought it was beautiful and inspirational. Fancy Friday Black And White Some of my favorite Fancy Friday's have been collaborations between Kristin and me.  Fancy Friday Lemon Zest and Fancy Friday Frontiers were like that.  I loaded the pictures that I liked but ran out of time to create a story.  Kristin came … [Read more...]

Lemon Mousse Recipe Rings in 2011!!!

This New Year's Eve, we were invited to spend it with our friends Amanda and Noe.  They are back from Africa and wanted to get together!  The arrangement was, Devon cooks and they buy the food!  We were joined by two other friends, Kat and artist husband Matt!  It was shaping up to be a yummy and fun night! With a little brainstorming we created a menu with steak as the star (per the guy's request!) The night was started off with Devon's Caesar Salad. The entree was grilled rib eye steaks topped with sauteed mushrooms … [Read more...]

Orphanage in Mexico

When Chris Ann and I headed down to Mexico with our husbands a couple of months ago, we had a one day adventure we didn't get a chance to tell you about.  It's been on my mind a lot lately, because Chris Ann and her husband Todd are heading back there! Devon and I have known Mike and Terrill Esposito for about 8 years now.  They were just starting to do work in Mexico.  Mike and Terrill were taking teams of teenagers down to an area in the Yucatan to work with an already established church.  They were doing whatever was … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Table Recap 2010

We've had another full year here at LoveFeast and we're glad you've come by and visited our table.  This year marked some big experiences for LoveFeast. We've reached some blogging milestones, got new cameras and equipment, went to conferences and meet-ups and even launched and hosted our very own, BlogLove™ events.  Some of our highlights include our promotional trip to Azul Sensatori in Cancun as well as working with brands such as Aveda and other local businesses in our cities of Baltimore and Minneapolis.  This is a year we … [Read more...]