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What I Wore Wednesday From Houndstooth Boutique

Today I went over to Houndstooth Boutique the location for our next BlogLove™ event, "Spark & Style".  I needed to go over last minute details with Amber (the owner of Houndstooth) and of course check out the fashion.  Later I realized that this would be the perfect time to link up with an a popular blog party called What I Wore Wednesday over a Lindsey's blog The Pleated Poppy.  Hi Lindsey!  These are some of the looks I tried on today at Houndstooth.  (Sorry the pics are out of focus a tad, Amber was not acquainted with my … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ “Spark & Style” Event At Houndstooth Boutique ~ Coming Up!

You don't know how excited Kristin and I are for this upcoming BlogLove™ event.  For one thing Kristin gets to fly in and we get to have some fun!  Who says our little plan for more time together IRL (In Real Life) isn't working?!  Yeah, so we had to incorporate, start a business and plan a big party to do it!!  But, that is just what we love to do!! Our latest BlogLove™ "Spark & Style" event was actually planned almost 8 months ago.  Houndstooth had added some gift cards to our BlogLove™ "European Marketplace" swag … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Favorite Projects

The snow is melted (in some parts) and the crocuses are peeking their heads.  What does that mean? Time to get inspired to create!  We wanted to share a few of our favorite projects right now. Always on the hunt for a new wreath to grace our doors, this project from Beautiful Nest would be delicious with a rose or yellow velvet ribbon for the Spring.  It's all about texture. We love these burlap rosettes from FabuLESSly Crafty.  Anything burlap makes our hearts sing. Since we have a thing for chalkboards...and … [Read more...]

Tablescaping for a Skater Brother

Last fall we took a him in.  He's a good kid who had too many curve balls thrown his way.  He needed a break.  We hoped our home would be the break he needed.  Our kids quickly opened up their hearts and rooms to him and let him in.  Little Man calls him his brother.  Drama Boy calls him, "His brother from another mother." Recently he turned 18.  We helped throw a party for him.  Wanting to honor his passions without belittling him with youthful decorations, I came up with this. Throughout last year, when we … [Read more...]

Safe House of Hope Event

For the last year, I have been involved with an organization called Safe House of Hope.  The founder of the organization, Denene is a good friend of mine.  Denene is a mom of 6...soon to be 7 children.  Two of those children she adopted.  She has a super big heart. She started Safe House of Hope because of her passion to see victims of domestic sex trafficking industry, find freedom and healing.  In Baltimore, there are very few services offered for under aged girls who are rescued from sex trafficking.  When a brothel or … [Read more...]

Canning Jar Gardens For Spring

Happy first day of Spring!!  Minnesota has kept its tradition of being snowy and frozen again this year.  And, I am writing this post now from 35,000 feet in the air on my way to Cancun.  After a long day of flight delays and potential missed connections somehow we are on our way!  Somehow our 6 coach tickets were magically upgraded to 6 tickets in 1st class on a direct flight instead of a lay over in Detroit.  So, as far as I'm concerned Spring is starting out on the right foot! Last week while there were still sufficiently … [Read more...]

Spalon Montage Minnesota Blog Pantry Event

Just a few weeks ago I had a fun night out with my Minnesota blogging friends.  It was a relaxing evening with the bloggers from the Minnesota Blog Pantry hosted by Spalon Montage in Edina, MN and Elizabeth from the blog, Beauty Bets. We got to see some unique and up to date ways to stay groomed (threading), stylish (super strong Shellac manicures) and relaxed (Thai Yoga Massage). Catching up with Kate ~ Kate In The Kitchen & Stephanie ~ Fresh Tart and other local blogging friends was the highlight of the … [Read more...]

For Japan With Love

We know it's Fancy Friday.  But, today we are not feeling so fancy.  Bloggers  Ever Ours and and Utterly Engaged teamed up to organize a blogger's day of silence For Japan With Love. Our hearts break for those people whose lives have been devastated and turned upside down. We are standing with our fellow bloggers and asking you to send support to Japan through Shelter Box.  Send a LoveBomb to Japan. … [Read more...]

An Irish Blessing to You, Our Friend

Dear Friend, Here's a little Irish Blessing for you today!  *raises glass* May the rains sweep gentle across your fields, May the sun warm the land, May every good seed you have planted bear fruit, And late summer find you standing in fields of plenty. Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. Kristin & Chris Ann … [Read more...]

BlogLove™~Spark & Style Minneapolis

BlogLove™~Spark & Style, in Minneapolis, is taking shape and form.  We have to share a little secret, we love planning BlogLove™ Events.  They are kinda like our blank canvas that takes a three dimensional, vibrant, organic and evolving form.  We find a venue that sparks our interest.  For this coming event, a visit to Houndstooth Boutique last August and a few conversations with owner Amber, got our wheels turning.  Her space is visually inspiring.  The clothes she offers are right up our alley...comfortable, current and … [Read more...]