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BlogLove™ “Takes Flight” Blogger Event ~ Underbelly Recap

What happens in the alley stays in the alley.  But I'll let you in on a little secret.  This is just how I like to escape from my average snow bound Minnesota days.  It's perfectly normal for your average suburban mom of 4 to jet across the United States to visit dangerous alleys in Baltimore.  Isn't it? This is a glimpse behind the scenes at our last BlogLove™ "Takes Flight" event in Baltimore. BlogLove™, is a networking event for bloggers that we host.  It also gets Kristin and I jetting back and forth between our two … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday St. Patrick’s Day Round Up

Today we are celebrating all things green, edible, beautiful, fancy, lucky and Irish.  We'd love to hear your story and share our inspiration.  If you are a blogger and have a post related to all things St. Patrick, please pull up a chair and join us by linking up at the bottom of this post. Here's a little of our inspiration for St. Patrick's Day. Kristin's visit to Ireland ~ and her wee little leprechaun. Beautiful green avocados~ Avocado Pound Cake~ Irish Soda Bread~ Pull … [Read more...]

Il Pescatore Restaurant ~ Playa Del Carmen

While we were in Mexico we had some great food.  Some friends told us about an amazing Italian restaurant a couple of blocks off the main shopping street in Playa Del Carmen.  So, one evening we took a cab from our hotel into Playa. First, we walked the main street.  We enjoyed the lights, shopping and street performers.  We tried on hats everywhere we went. Eventually we walked to our restaurant, Il Pescatore.  The minute we walked in, I felt transported back to Italy. We were welcomed, kissed and greeted as … [Read more...]

Branding Exercise

Truth is, just as we were exploring community, communication and branding, we stumbled on this contest being hosted by Mom Central.  We decided, "Sure.  Let's give it a try."  Not knowing that the very application would enhance the journey we were already on.  As we began to fill out the questions, we realized this was a great exercise in learning how to communicate with our community who we were.  We thought we'd share with you.  If you are a blogger, we recommend answering the questions for yourself.  If you are just a friend, … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Grow

Winter is coming to an end. It's the end of a season and we are looking forward...forward to seeing the seeds we planted last year,  bloom and grow into something beautiful. At first sight, those seeds will peer out of the hardened earth...slowly, testing to see if the air is warm and ready to receive them. Then, as they gather a bit of confidence feeling that the world is ready to receive them, they will peek their heads,  stretch their All the beauty stored inside that little package, will emerge … [Read more...]

Blogging Community

Bloggging has sent us on a journey of discovery.  Not only has it forced us to face some passions that, as stay at home moms, we had gently suppressed, but it has also made our friendship grow and stretch and develop in a rich way.  Because we value real and authentic relationships, we desire to keep the conversation going and are excited to meet  fun, new friends along the way. Yet, to be honest, our struggle often comes in the way of time and time management.  Our lives are full already. What with my five kids (plus an … [Read more...]

Our About Us Page

Being in the midst of a redesign, we are having to think over each page again.  The one we are focused on now is our About Us page.  We wish we could write a book, or vlog a documentary in order for you to know who we are...for reals.  The challenge is, we have to give you a glimpse of our personalities, our passions and a bit of our history in a few short paragraphs.  There are bits of our lives that seem interesting to us, but then again, Chris Ann and I have one of those friendships that fills in the gaps without words, so we … [Read more...]