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Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace Giveaway Winner

There's a lot of plates of this and that serving up on LoveFeast Table right now.  First off we have a necklace winner, then some reminders AND most importantly a head's up to our GETAWAY with ONE OF OUR READERS!!  So, check out the current "table talk"... We are happy to announce that the winner of our LoveFeast Table Mother's Tree of Life Necklace Giveaway is Anna from Girl With Blog.  She was chosen out of 8 bloggers who wrote about the latest BlogLove event, Spark & Style event sponsored by Therapon Skin.  Anna was … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~80’s Flashback

Chris Ann and I dared one another to post our 80's pictures.  I accepted.  You see,  I "did" the 80's. Most of my friends were "80's prep".  They wore shaker knit sweaters with matching socks that were exposed by the tightly folded and rolled jeans.  Not me!  After all, I was an artist.  I identified with Molly Ringwald and knew that my layers of color and bits and pieces would be pulled off with flair.  I did 80's punk...(or so I thought). You're right if you analyzed the above photo and zoned in on the JAMS.  I had at … [Read more...]

Mandarin Orange Tossed Salad Recipe

We love a good salad.  Back in the day when Kristin and I were raising very young children our morning coffee time would often overflow into lunch time.  We made the kids some peanut butter sliced sandwiches and some chopped fruit and put them on the back porch to eat.  Then, Kristin and I would make ourselves a salad.  We had a way of cleaning out the left overs.  We made a sort of a clean out the fridge salad if you will.  We would put just about any fresh leftovers into a salad...rice, chicken, leftover green beans, corn, you … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ Spark & Style

Last Saturday night Kristin and I hosted our 5th BlogLove™ event.  This was our 3rd event in Minnesota.  Our BlogLove™ events bring bloggers, businesses and brands together for what we hope is an inspiring time.  Kristin and I were so happy to have so many guests join us for BlogLove™ Spark & Style! DJ Kane kept the Houndstooth energy popping!! Thanks to our models who worked their own "Spark & Style" walking the room in Houndstooth fashion.  Amber from Houndstooth, dressed the "Spark & Style" blogger … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Favorite Jewelry Keepsake

We have something fancy to share with you!  The LoveFeast Mother's "Tree of Life" Necklace with birthstones! Kristin and I have waited a long time to find a keepsake piece of jewelry that remembers the births of our children.  This is an artistic, sophisticated piece of quality jewelry that we will love forever.  We love ours. We know you will too!  Those of you coming to our next BlogLove event, this Saturday, will have the opportunity to be the first people to see and purchase the LoveFeast Mother's "Tree of Life" … [Read more...]