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Fancy Friday ~ Graduation Parties

Graduation is coming just around the corner.  For many it is a time of planning, preparation and party throwing.  Last year I seem to remember both Sandy ~ The Reluctant Entertainer and Kristen ~ High Heels And A Hammer were hosting graduation celebrations.  Kristin and I have a year or two before we throw graduation party celebrations.  Just last summer we hosted a party for 16 year old boys.  But, we are happy to gather any tips and ideas for those that have gone before us. Last May, Kristen ~ High Heels And A Hammer … [Read more...]

My Baltimore

Baltimore.  It's my city. I was born here.  I moved away many times, only to come back.  My family has a long history here in Baltimore.  My great grandfather was the head of the State's Road Commission and helped design 695, the beltway around the city, the Harbor Tunnel, and BWI (now Thouroughgood Marshall Airport).  I love the people, the sights, the feeling, the vibe.  It's a hard city.  It was ranked as the number 11th most dangerous cities in the US last year.  But, there is a feeling of hope emerging that says change is … [Read more...]

Fish Tacos with Pineapple Mango Salsa

There is a favorite meal around our house, fish tacos served with home made Pineapple Mango Salsa.  Our family, from youngest to oldest and any friend who has joined us at the table to share in this meal, has fallen instantly in love.  I think the best part about this meal is the leftovers.  Devon usually makes a large batch so the love keeps giving all week long.  The thing is, this recipe has never been written down.  It's all in Devon's head.  (Like most of his recipes.)  So, last week when he made this meal again, I stood … [Read more...]

Oie Jewelry ~ Artist In Her Studio

Some of the things Kristin and I love, are pretty things with creative potential. These are the type of bits and baubles that make us smile.           And, these are the kinds of things I found at Liz Oie's studio where she was busy putting the finishing touches on Ree's necklace.  There were all sorts of feathers, stones, gems, and antique pieces ready to be chosen, woven into chain or wire, re-purposed for adornment with someone else's pleasure and happiness in … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Table’s New Look

Some of you know, we have been in an 8 month process of redefining our look for LoveFeast Table.  You see, when we started blogging 2 1/2 years ago, we thought we were going to write a cookbook.  That's what started us on this blogging journey.  We had shared so many amazing meals around the table (over the 14 years we had been friends along with our growing families), we thought we wanted to document them.  We wanted to share not only the original recipes, but also capture the conversations that took place as well as the … [Read more...]