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4th of July Outfit – What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday is a fun link up party over at the blog, The Pleated Poppy.  We've participated in it once before and when we feel the inspiration I am sure we'll do it again.   Tonight, I was inspired by the outfit I just picked up from Old Navy a few hours ago. Shopping Old Navy around this time of year is a regular habit for me.  I like to grab some festive tees and dresses for my gang.  For the past several years we have celebrated the 4th in Colorado with my husband's sister and family.  We take our kids from … [Read more...]

Michael Eastman’s Cuba Collection

While Chris Ann and I were staying at 21C Museum Hotel, we saw a piece of a collection called Cuba, that moved me. Michael Easton is a world renowned photographer known for his contemporary photography that focuses on architecture and it's textures of decay.  His photographs have a painterly quality to them, that leaves you wanting to enter in and pull up a chair. They made me long to travel to untouched places, places frozen in time.  His paintings also left an indelible mark of wanting to know more about … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Container Gardens

Container gardens have always been one of my favorite things.  Every year I plant containers of all sorts urns, planters and pots.  Last summer I even planted succulents in an old rusty lunch box.   On my front porch I plant mostly flowers. This year I planted a small tropical fruit tree into a clay pot.  The tag says it's small oranges will be good in salads. After some summer sun the pots on my back deck fill out into bountiful beauties.  I usually plant a few types of vegetables ( tomatoes, lettuces … [Read more...]

Over at Creative Kristi

Today we have pulled up a chair at Creative Kristi's Table.  We met Kristi at the GE Momsperience Event a couple of months ago.  She was so sweet and meeting her left quite an impression. She has been hosting a 30 days to better blogging series, called Spread Bloggy Love.  Every day she has a new blogger share the tips they have learned along the way.  Today, we shared about creating community and how our friend Gussy has been part of our journey.  Please take a moment to stop by HERE and say hi! … [Read more...]


Lately I've been thinking a lot about friendship.  Growing up, I moved, I had been to 8 schools by the 8th grade.  I never had a problem making friends.  I was outgoing and comfortable with myself.  Once I hit high school, I begged my parents to let me start and finish all four years at the same school.  I quickly made friends.  But, I wasn't really good at keeping friends long term.  I realize now that I sabotaged good friendships at around the two year mark.  I didn't do it intentionally and didn't even realize the … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Favorite Restaurants ~ City Meals On Wheels Event At Rockefeller Center

You know it's going to be the beginning of a great summer evening when it starts off with an icy cold "adult beverage" snow cone from the Pegu Club. We were at the 26th Annual Chefs’ Tribute to honor James Beard & benefit Citymeals-0n-Wheels at Rockefeller Center with our "NYC-friends" Ken & Elyse. Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to get a tasting from every great restaurant you could think of?  That's just what this event was all about.  Great chefs gathered together for a great cause to benefit … [Read more...]

A Day In Brooklyn ~ New York

One of my favorite places to visit is New York City.  Last weekend we got a chance to visit our friends, Ken & Elyse.  They have taken us on many foodie adventures.  They first introduced us to many places in New York City that have become our favorites, places like Death & Company and Hearth to name a couple.  This trip they introduced us to a new favorite place for cocktails, Dutch Kills. We spent a day walking down the streets in their Brooklyn neighborhood, to some of their favorite spots.  We started out with a … [Read more...]

How To Remove Water Stains from Your Table

We had a gathering of friends for dinner.  Devon made delicious tomato soup.  But, when everyone left, there were about 6 of these water stains left behind. One of my friends recommended baking soda and vinegar, but that didn't work.  So, I googled and saw that some people recommended removing the stains with a hot iron.  I was a little freaked, but I couldn't leave these on my table. It took a few tries to get the "iron out the water stain" method to work, but here's what worked for me. *Take a thin (I used an old … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Summer Bucket List

Last Friday Kristin wrote about some sweet summer days she wants to treasure.  Now that summer is officially here (our last day of school was yesterday) it's my turn to do my summer bucket list. This summer my husband Todd and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage together.  Recently we hiked to the summit of Piestewa Peak in Phoenix.  It was the first time I had hiked to the very top of anything.  We hiked side by side towards our goal and at the end of our journey it was beautiful to look back on where we … [Read more...]

Taking Your Work Outside

Many of you have heard the expression in decorating, "bring the outside in" to breath life into your home's rooms.  Well, recently I tried the reverse, bring the inside out. The other day (before our recent historical Minneapolis heatwave) the day was mildly warm and sunny.  The kind of day where summer greets you with possibilities.  The flowers in my garden were just starting to show their potential.  The lilacs were wafting lovely scents in the air.  This was no day to be working inside. Much of what … [Read more...]