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On Our Table ~ This week in August

We have had a busy month this past August.  We've been working for so long to finish our new design and it's been so much fun to celebrate our launch this month.   We hope you have been enjoying our newly designed table as much as we have.  It's been like taking this beautiful mess of ideas and scraps of inspiration and turning it into a package that has been truly a gift to use for us!  And, keep your eyes open!  We'll be adding new bits of color and pieces to our table as we go!  We still have some surprises up our … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Travel

Kristin's brother snapped this picture.  It looks like a dream to us!  Do you know where this is?  Can you guess?  It's one of the next adventures we dream about having!  It's a cottage in the south of France.  We're hoping to go their sometime in 2012.  Where will we bike?  What will we see?  Who will we meet?  And who will share a table with us? There is nothing more inspiring to the soul than travel.  Travel stretches your horizons and sparks creativity.  And, travel with friends that are kindred adventurers can make … [Read more...]

Operation #LoveBomb

Yesterday I mentioned that I was LoveBombed by Wendi of Bon Appetit Hon.  Well, it turns out, I was the first of many.  Last week on facebook and twitter there were messages popping up all over from people who had received a LoveBomb from Wendi.  We invited Wendi to our table today to share the inspiration behind her Operation #LoveBomb. Operation Love Bomb would never have happened if it weren’t for Kristin and Chris Ann.  The Love Feast ladies introduced me to the concept of LoveBombs with their posts about reaching out and … [Read more...]

I Got LoveBombed

LoveBomb: The act of preparing, serving and sharing a meal or morsel with someone. We've been intentionally LoveBombing people for three years now.  It started with a bunch of skaters at a self made skate park called Ridge.  A group of us would show up with a grill, burgers and mountain dew and make them food.  As they ate, we'd listen to them, ask about skating, their lives...listen some more.  Then we'd go home. It was nothing more than a LoveBomb, an act of kindness, no strings attached, no agenda, other than to spend some … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook ~ Coming Soon!

Collaboration thrills us!  There is something about the synergy of bringing a bunch of different people to the table to create and watch what will emerge from coming together. We want to introduce you to a project we are embarking on called The Traveling Cookbook.  The Traveling Cookbook is a project that will gather stories from many blogger's tables around recipes and food shared from a featured cookbook.  We chose The Pioneer Woman Cooks (with Ree Drummond's blessing) as our first book to send on it's journey.   Kristin is … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Experiences Life

"The best way to gain great writing  content  is to experience life."  We think we heard this at one of the blogging conferences we have attended. It was one of those statements that hit home for us, because we are firm believers in taking a bite out of life. We love to get our hands dirty in the mud while gardening, spotted with paint while re-purposing furniture, pile our dishes in the sink so we can continue to sit and share conversations with our dinner guests (and not get to them till morning) and take chances even at the … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Table Guests

This week's Fancy Friday is on our category "Table".  "Table" is all about the people we want to have at our table, who are good storytellers or who would be a good candidate to interview.  We thought it would be fun to invite a few people to our virtual table today and ask them a few questions. These were our questions: 1.) What's your favorite food? 2.) What are you passionate about? 3.) What makes for good conversation? 4.) Who would you like to have join you at your table? Robin ~ A Chow Life 1)  That is a hard one! … [Read more...]

Our LoveFeast Table

Head of the table: Kristin's oldest (about 9 years) now 17 ~ we just celebrated 16 years last year.  Kristin's 2nd son and my oldest daughter about 5 years, a plate for Kristin's baby girl (seen with the pigtail below at about 18 months), on the left my 3rd born (about 2 year here), next to him Kristin's 3rd born (about 3 years) and then my oldest at about 9 years.  (Missing our two children born after we moved apart.) This is the TABLE.  The table from where the heart of this blog began.  These are our peeps.  This picture … [Read more...]

How to Make a Vintage Frame Cork Board

My husband brought this beauty of a vintage frame home from a renovation job he was doing and I decided to turn it into a cork board for my office. Here is what you will need to make your own Vintage Cork Board: Vintage Frame...I prefer one that is ornate and has character 1/2 inch Cork (measure the inside of the frame and order to size)...I ordered this over the internet. For my large frame, it cost about $50. Sheet of Plywood 4-6 Flat Brackets 8-12 1/2 inch Wood Screws Spray paint Liquid Nails Exacto … [Read more...]

Our Love Affair With Vintage Frames

Chris Ann and I have a thing for frames around here. That love affair began with this frame that use to hang over our counter at Jahva House.  Jahva House was a coffee shop that my husband and I owned about 8 years ago.  It was in a three story, 200 year old building that we re-purposed from antique store to coffee shop.  The walls were covered in original art, the tables painted by art students and it was a mecca for budding musicians and writers.  It''s a huge part of our story.  Chris Ann and her husband spent time with us … [Read more...]