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Fancy Friday Favorite Food Blogs To FEAST On

Putting together a beautiful table is one our favorite things to do.  We think gathering at the table is a beautiful event, worthy of some extra attention to details, whether it is a simple salad outdoors... or candle-lit dining at the table, taking time to enjoy some food and conversation is one of life's best moments to savor. That's why FEAST is such a big theme here at LoveFeast Table.  A beautiful TABLE would not be as memorable without delicious food to gather around.  This Fancy Friday is all about the food … [Read more...]

Boxed Wine and Canned Beer

Summer is for experimenting, right?  Being adventurous...trying new things...stepping out of your comfort zone. We made a leap, took a risk and bought boxed wine and canned beer.  I know, some of you may drink your beverages this way all the time.  But, my husband and I have become a little to big for our taste britches and typically buy only bottled wine (with real corks of course) and bottled micro or craft beers.  Really, having been in the restaurant industry for so long, our tastes for these libations have changed and … [Read more...]

Homemade Leftover Quiche

Recently I shared a Peach Raspberry Homemade Pie recipe with instructions for homemade pie crust.  Every time I go to the trouble to make crust from scratch, I always make the recipe twice.  I use the other recipe to make Homemade Leftover Quiche.  Quiche is one of the perfect meals in my book.  It can be eaten warm for breakfast, cold for lunch and right out of the oven for dinner.  I can't say any two of my quiche have ever been the same.  I wish I had measurements for you, but I don't. It's like our friend Jamie says, they are … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Blogs We LOVE

An inspiring blog that you love is like having a lovely slice of pie.  Only it's so good, you have to share!  Last week we talked about our plan to share blogs around the themes of our categories, LOVE, FEAST, TABLE and LIFE.  This week you are invited to share with us the blogs you LOVE because we sharing about blogs that inspire and make us happy!  frolic! is a blog that does just that.  Even the name makes us happy!  It's full of ooos and ahhhs and creative ideas!  Scrumptious to bite into, like pie! Nectar & Light, … [Read more...]

Living Our Dream Business

There is a saying around our home, "Pursue your passion." My husband and I have lived our life with this motto. For some families, it's not one they make their decisions by, however, it's been front and center for most of our life choices. I am fortunate enough to be pursuing my dream business for the second time in my life. The first time was at the age of 26 when my husband and I, with only $50 to start, opened a coffee shop/cafe called Jahva House. It was our business learning curve. It was full of life, artists, musicians, … [Read more...]

Therapon Skin Renewal Giveaway

This week at our table we are introducing our BlogLove™ events.  So far we have held these networking events for bloggers in Minneapolis and Baltimore.   BlogLove™ events have been a great way to meet the bloggers in the areas that we both live, Minneapolis and Baltimore.  We hope to expand these events to other cities as well.  Part of the success of these events are the businesses that have either hosted or sponsored these events.  A brand or business that participates with an event like BlogLove™ is one that understands the … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Launch GiveAway Winners

Thank you to all who celebrated our first week with us!  What a fun time!  Keep checking back.  There is still more to come.  In the following weeks we are going to be sharing more bells and whistles (fingers crossed!) and rolling out projects that we hope you will be a part of.  You see, we believe the more guests at the table, the more fun we'll have! We were so thankful to the guest bloggers that shared time at our table with us last week.  Erin, Jaime, Sandy and Maggie have been friends at our table for a while and we can … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ Events

The next part of our LoveFeast Table journey we want to introduce you to is our BlogLove™ events.  The idea of hosting in-real-life events was pretty natural for us.  You see, we hosted a ton of events together, back in the day when we lived in the same state of Maryland.  We hosted showers, dinner parties, plotted wedding tablescaping and backyard BBQ's, evening dinners on porches, picnics and a Valentines Dinner at Kristin and Devon's coffee shop.  Planning a party has always been a part of our friendship.  After we started … [Read more...]