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Fancy Friday ~ Lunch Boxes

I remember my Holly Hobbie lunch box. I carried it to school with pride. Every day at lunch, I'd open up my lunch box, with anticipation.  Inside I'd usually find a wrapped up bologna sandwich on Wonder Bread with French's mustard. There would probably also be a bruised, red delicious apple, three cookies and a thermos full of juice.  It was a special day when my mom had tucked in a note with one of her hand drawn cartoons, funny poems or if she put green grapes in my lunch, instead of the apple.  I don't remember ever … [Read more...]

Orchard Art House

In one of the last weekend of the summer,  I had the opportunity to go out with some friends who also happen to be local Minnesota bloggers.  Cate happened to know about a gathering at the Orchard Art House, the amazing studio and shop of e.kate designs.                     I absolutely love art and craft fairs of every kind.  Kristin and I have gone to lots of events like this and always find that we leave with our creative juices … [Read more...]

Late Summer Tablescaping

I wandered around Pier One and a few other stores looking for tablescape inspiration.  I had it in my mind, for my mom's birthday dinner I wanted a couple new runners for the table to run horizontally instead of vertically.  But, the problem with my idea was the price point.  Table runners average between $25-$35 dollars a piece.  So, in order to pull off the look I wanted, I'd have to drop around $60.  Not in my budget.  But, I always find, that "being broke, inspires creativity." I hit JoAnne's Fabric store, hoping for … [Read more...]

Plush Pumpkins ~ Velvet Pumpkins

A bounty of these beauties will be perfect for decorating this fall season.  Last year I found these plush velvet pumpkins and little did I know that Kristin and I would be adding them to our shop.  I found them piled high in a quaint little florist shop.  I soon discovered they were made right here in Minnesota!  After meeting the owner and artist Monya Kampa, who created these original Plush Pumpkins, we knew not only we found the first item to put in our shop, but also an inspiring and artistic new friend! The velvets on … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Travel, Experience & Journey

Two weeks ago, we had so much fun having guests at our table for Fancy Friday, we decided to invite a few more to join us today.  LIFE here at our table is about travel, experiences, our friendship journey and projects focused on giving back.  We invited our guests to share a bit of their LIFE and how it relates to their journey.  Some of these guests happen to blog with a friend, partner or family member and in all honesty, we just wanted a peek into what makes their lives  tick. We asked our guests these questions: 1. … [Read more...]

60th Birthday Celebration

Over the past few years, my mom has requested a homemade, gourmet meal for her birthday.  This year was no different.  But, this year was a new milestone for her, she turned 60.  Yes, she's young especially for a Mom-Mom with 10 grand kids!  She started having kids when she was young.  I'm her oldest and she was 20 when she had me.  Yes, you did the math very quickly...this will be a milestone year for me as well. She always gives us carte blanche to create whatever menu we choose, as long as there is some sort of fish on the … [Read more...]