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Plush Pumpkin Giveaway

Welcome to our table!  We are so glad that you have visited us!  Many of you are coming from Nester's Fall Giveaway! We are happy to share in the giveaway festivities!  We fell in love with Plush Pumpkins about a year ago and quickly added them to our tables at home!   We have since then loaded up our LoveFeast Shop with a bounty of Plush Pumpkins.  We have every size and color available for purchase - along with our exclusive LoveFeast colors - Sage and Mushroom found in our sets - including the LoveFeast Large set of 6 that we … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Candy

My favorites were the sour cherry balls on the right and ju ju nickles.  When I was young we would bike up to Widman's Candy to have a fountain drink like lime cokes and cherry cokes.  Sometimes we would get a malted milk.  We'd linger in the back reading the comics.  Sometimes there would be a rowdy table of boys that would shoot spitballs at us with the paper straws. When we take a visit back to the small town where I grew up we often bring our kids to pick out some candy.  It's makes me happy to see my kids doing pondering … [Read more...]

Preparing for Overnight Guests

For years, my husband and I have told people, we'd like to have a bed and breakfast or something like that, when we retire. We love having overnight guests in our home.  Usually we host people we know, like our good friends Mike and Terrill who are coming today for a long weekend.  Sometimes we have hosted people we've never met.  I know some of you may be freaking out a little here...wondering how we could possibly entertain folks in our home we've never met, but I have to tell you, these unexpected visitors have all become … [Read more...]

Thrill of Discovery

It was a chilly, windy day and the clouds were threatening to rain.  My mom and I were not to be hindered from making it to the Washington City Paper's Crafty Bastard Show.  The lineup was enticing, the possibilities for creative inspiration, endless.  I tried talking Chris Ann into flying in last minute to go with us.  But, being the mom of four, her time is rarely her own. But, she was with me in spirit and via texts! There were so many creative, talented artisans.  My mom (who is an artist as well) and I lingered at … [Read more...]

Feed My Starving Children

When we first came up with the concept of The Traveling Cookbook - Kristin and I were only looking for an interesting way to build a conversation.  We were looking for a way of engaging with our readers and other bloggers in a way that shared experiences, friendship and stories.   We know that coming together at the table is often where a good conversation takes place. We chose to start with Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman Cooks - for a few reasons.  First of all both of us had met her in real life.  A real life connection is … [Read more...]

Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace Giveaway

We are showing you another peek of our Mother's Tree Of Life necklace!  We don't want you to miss this "golden" opportunity to get a chance at winning this beautiful treasure!  This necklace is the perfect gift for any mother, sister or grandmother.  It is hand crafted by artist Liz Oie and is 14 k. gold with real gemstones to honor the birth of children.  It is a special piece that would make a beautiful heirloom. We hadn't found anything we truly loved to show the birth's of our children (Kristin has 5 and Chris Ann has 4).  … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Falling

"falling leaves hide the path so quietly" ~ John Bailey Autumn Haiku I grew up in northern Minnesota where the fields run straight and the dirt is dark black.  My family has driven up from Minneapolis to spend a long weekend in northern Minnesota farm country to visit my parents.  I thought the woods my parents walk in would be a perfect place to be inspired for this weeks theme ~ Falling.   These are the same woods where I walked and played in when I was in elementary school.  I feel I know them inside and out.  I know … [Read more...]

Gift Wrapping Inspiration With A Giveaway

We think our Mother's Tree Of Life necklaces is the perfect gift inspiration for birthdays or holidays for any Mother, Sister or Friend in your life!  Why not get ahead of the holiday curve and order the perfect special gift ahead of time?  Artist Liz Oie handcrafts this necklace in gold or silver with real gem stones to honor the births of children or grandchildren.   Check out this necklace ~ found in our LoveFeast Shop.  We will be adding new items to our shop as the Holidays get closer ~ so keep checking back! And while … [Read more...]

Just Because

Just because he loves me, he brought these flowers home. He bought them at Costco and brought them home in their cellophane bundle.  They were beautiful, but I decided to add a little more love to this bouquet of fall splendor.  First I trimmed each stem, at different lengths, building an arrangement of varying heights.  Then I took an empty, large glass jar (I think it once was an over-sized jar of sun dried tomatoes) and placed the freshly trimmed flowers inside.  I took one of my vintage tins that was just a bit bigger … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Fall Roundup

This fall I've been reading books like Moccasin Trail, By the Great Horn Spoon and Across the Aprils to my kids.  We are learning about the early pioneers and what they did to survive.  I don't know why, but their stories and travels remind me of fall.  Maybe it's the log cabins, roaming buffalo or majestic elk.   Celebrating fine artisans who work their craft from raw products with focus, precision and a desire to shape and create something beautiful...reminds me of fall. (Just a quick note, if you … [Read more...]