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Table Guest ~ Laura Tremaine ~ Hollywood Housewife

It's not uncommon for blogger friendships to start online.  We first met Laura Tremain on Twitter.  We became chatty - familiar.  Then, while scouting outfits for a Blissdom (blogging conference) fashion post, Chris Ann game across "the dress" - only to realize, it was being worn by none other than Laura, their LoveFeast Twitter friend.  A half a year later, the LoveFeast girls met up with Laura at BlogHer in NYC, to find that the launch of online friendships blossom IRL (in real life).  We will always remember the London and … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook Travels

Today is the day.  We are sending The Traveling Cookbook on it's way. We've wrapped it up, added ribbon and bow... tied on a message, not knowing where it will go. There's some added direction to help navigate the way, not knowing where it will travel from day to day. So, we say goodbye with a little pat-pat and send The Traveling Cookbook on it's way to She Wears Many Hats.   To follow the journey of The Traveling Cookbook, stop HERE. To grab a badge and join in on the fun, … [Read more...]

How To Make Branchlers

A while ago I happened to see a picture of these coasting on the web ~ Branchlers by Luke Bartels found on Remodelista. I've had it on my mind ever since - and seriously, this has nothing to do with the fact that I shot an AK37 or something like that this summer thanks to my brother-n-law who likes to keep this suburban mama country capable. But now back to my Branchler - project 'cause this is how we roll in the citeee!  Note:  There are no guns needed for this project unless you choose to use a paint gun. How To … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Halloween Party

Be on the look out for "Fierce Bunnies".  You never know where they might be lurking.  Every year we host a pre-trick-or-treating Halloween party.  There will be some critters and fierce bunnies lurking around our Teen Halloween Party - again this year again. My plan for this party every year, is to make it easy, relaxed, and flexible enough to add more guests as extra people stop in.  I have to have free enough time to be able to add the last bit of costume tweaking.  I do the same meal every year.  Walkin' Tacos - or in … [Read more...]

Front Porch Outdoor Inspiration

Your just in time for coffee!!  Want to join me on my porch?  Bummer - you're a few states away.  Well, that's just why we have our "virtual table" so we're glad you're here!  We'd love to to know you more ~ here's a little about us - and a little about a crazy big project we just started - and over here we have our shop of pretty things for you and your home!  It's a lot on our table for sure! But for now let's talk "Front Porch".  Decorating my front porch is one of my favorite things to do.  I love the concept of welcoming … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook Debuts

On August 23, we shared with you a project we were kicking off...The Traveling Cookbook.  Over a year ago, we came up with this idea and it has been marinating and developing until we were just about bursting at the seams to share with you what The Traveling Cookbook is all about.  Here's the gist, a blogger receives the cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and chooses 2-3 recipes to make. He/she makes the recipe and then "scrapbooks" on those recipe pages, sharing tid-bits about how the recipe turned out, or who they shared … [Read more...]

Homemade Blueberry Cobbler in Mason Jars

Typically, I make my mom homemade blueberry pie for her birthday.  It's her fav.  This year, I decided to surprise her with something a little different, but super yummy.  I whipped up individual blueberry cobblers and put them in small Mason jars.  I was on the phone with Chris Ann when I was making them, and she said, "Can you bake the cobbler in the glasses?"  I said, "We'll find out."  It did.  It worked great!  I think if you keep the lids to the Mason jars, after the cobblers cool, these babies would be an excellent … [Read more...]