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Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers

It's been a week of feasting, for sure! It's the kind of week where calorie counting is put on pause and you just enjoy each meal as a gift. This week I've enjoyed my husband's rich, slow roasted lamb, my daughter's hand rolled sugar cookies, my cousin's first ever roasted turkey, a friend's super soaked rum cake and of course...homemade cinnamon buns. I have received gourmet food toys, such as dark chocolate with pink pepper and citrus notes, tarragon dijon kale crunch and chipotle spice sipping chocolate. Friends and family … [Read more...]

Our Friendship Story~Part 2

We were a little nervous. We'd never been to their home before and here they had invited us to celebrate their son's 1st birthday with them. We pulled up and squeezed our Hyundai Scoop in behind a few other cars. There were a lot of people here. We unbuckled our son, popped the trunk and got our gift out of the back. Linking fingers, we walked up the sidewalk towards the house. We heard a lot of voices coming from the back yard. "Do we go to the front door or just walk around back?" I asked Devon. "Let's just go around back," he … [Read more...]

St. Lucia Day Cookies

Our next guest, Kristin Schell, shares a similar passion...gathering people at her table. In fact, she comes from a rich heritage of gathering folks starting with her husband's grandfather who ran The Schell Cafe in the early 1900's. We would've loved to meet him. He seems like our kinda guy. Following in tradition, Kristin has baked up a delicious cookie and is sharing it with you, our guests, today at LoveFeast Table. Tradition. Family. Food. All key ingredients this time of year as we celebrate the holidays. The word … [Read more...]

Dress For The Day ~ Holiday Shopping

This is one of my favorite looks for going out and about.  And easy comfortable jersey dress on top of skinny jeans.  I could have worn tights but, they are what I reached for first and I liked how they dressed down the outfit.  Glittery gray infinity scarf.  Cozy.  And my fake furry vest which is turning out to be one of my favorite things. And, pearls from LoveFeast Shop strung on leather. Boho-chic Pearl Necklace on Leather found in LoveFeast Shop ~ $180 The snow finally fell in Minnesota.  So, I'll be warm … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate Cookies with a Candy Cane Swirl

You may have met our next guest before. If you remember, she brought the delicious Candy Cane Butter Cookies to our table last year. Rachel from A Southern Fairytale is just as sweet as can be! She married a good 'ole Texas boy and they are raising two adorable children. You'll often find her baking up something delicious in her kitchen or capturing moments with her camera. Please join us in welcoming her to our table today!  I'm so excited to participating in the Holiday Cookie Exchange for the SECOND year in a row! I … [Read more...]

Pineapple Cream Cheese Cookies

Whenever the cold, snowy, grey winter weather gets us down, we head on over to our next guest's table. Shari, from Tickled Red is always giving us a glimpse of sand and waves and capturing her laid back lifestyle with her surfer husband and her two monkeys boys. Shari's outlook on life and the food that she serves is always full of sunshine and simple enjoyments. She's creative, funny and well, we just like having her at our table.  Who said Christmas cookies always have to be chocolate or peppermint? No one which is … [Read more...]

Chocolate Double Delights

"I always want to dream." (Kacia from Kacia+Robot)  That pretty much sums up our next guest's outlook on life. She's a dreamer, a creative, a nurturer of the soul. She knits, she loves big and She Reads Truth. She also bakes! So, we invited her to join our 3rd Annual Cookie Exchange and we were so excited to receive her positive reply! Please welcome Kacia to the table.  I have an admission to make. I'm not a big sweets person. I'm just more of a salt-snack girl. But. Yes, there is a but... I will always make … [Read more...]

This Week At LoveFeast Table

We are so excited with all that is going on at our table.  If you are new WELCOME!   You can find out about us HERE. Inspiration for Dream Planter & Winter Porch Vignettes HERE. Has anybody else been eating too many Christmas Cookies already?  I have to admit I am loving enjoying my morning cappuccino with a little extra deliciousness on the rim.  I kicked off this years LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Exchange making these shortbread style cookies.  You can find my Lime Wafer recipe HERE. Kristin and I have been busy … [Read more...]

Christmas Buckeyes

Traci from Beneath My Heart, is the real deal! We met her a couple of years ago when we were in Kentucky for a blogger event. She is kind, gracious, smart and the friend you want next door. In spite of being a mama to many boys, she keeps a beautiful home where creative projects always abound. She is an amazing source of inspiration for both your heart and your home. Please pull up a chair, grab a hot mug of something warm and welcome our guest! Mom wrote about the story behind our “buckeye tradition” in an article she … [Read more...]

Pecan Tassies ~ Gluten Free

We've known our next guest for almost as long as we've known each other. Michelle was a little girl at our church that we had the privilege of watching grow into a beautiful and very talented young lady. She is now a mama with a full crew in tow and we have to confess a slight obsession at looking at their pictures. They are so stinkin' adorable, it meets a need! Michelle also is a pastry chef by training and what she brings to her gluten free recipes is magical. You should try her coconut whipped cream (visit Gluten Free … [Read more...]