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Hot Hibiscus Happiness

I was in Minnesota just last month with Chris Ann. She picked me up from the airport and whisked me a way to Barbette for a little lunch and catch up time before we started our working weekend. The week before, I had seen a bunch of tweets going out on twitter from the Minnesota bloggers about Hibiscus Happiness or Hot Hibby....some drink they had all shared at Barbette. I have to admit, I was a bit envious. Not only were they sharing this bit of happiness with my bff, but it sounded delicious! As soon as we sat down, … [Read more...]

$3 Donated for Every Sale of Coffee Cake in January

We have stepped out in a bit of delustion faith, determined to raise $24,000 to sponsor a Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack Unit this year.  There are days we wake up and think, are we out of our minds?! Can we really raise this money?  Then we wake up and discover we have friends out there who are cheering us on and even digging their heels in with us to reach our goal. Being mamas of 9 (between us), we can't imagine a day where we'd have to send our kids to bed without having had a meal all day.  We can't begin to … [Read more...]

AVAM Sock Monkey Making Event

Right before Christmas, The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, hosts a community art project. This year, it as all about The Sock Monkey.  We came with our required two socks and a pair of scissors.  The rest was FREE! We arrived to be greeted by Sock Monkey helpers that handed us a pattern. They then directed us to tables... of thread, needles and stuffing along with... piles of fabric, buttons, ribbon, ties, thread, yarn and rick rack...all the necessary accessories to personalize … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook~Wenderly

Today's post comes from Wendy at Wenderly's. She is the third stop for The Traveling Cookbook. It's last stop was at Add a Pinch and also She Wears Many Hats. Follow it's journey HERE.  From the moment I had received the beautiful package from my sweet friend Robyn that contained The Traveling Cookbook I knew just what I wanted to make. Breakfast on the weekends has always been a special family time at our house. One can always wake up to smell the warm earthy aroma of coffee brewing and hear the heavy cast iron griddle … [Read more...]

Skateboard Art Inspiration

When looking for products for LoveFeast Shop, there are a few criteria that we look for.  1) Does it make us happy? 2)Would we have it in our own homes and lives? 3)Is it unique? 4)Is it finely crafted? 5)Does it reflect a part of our journey? Recently we added Skateboard Art to our Shop.  As soon as we stumbled on this artist at a local craft show and saw the unique ways she had upcycled used skateboard decks, we knew it was a perfect fit. The luggage tags were unique and made us smile.  Not to mention, added to a … [Read more...]

Hot Molten Lava Cakes

While Kristin was visiting a couple of weekends ago we hosted a dinner party with our husbands.  The night before we had been playing poker. (Surprised? It's actually one of our traditions when we are together!  We usually play for big stakes too -- like which family has to move to the other's state!)  After a memorable dinner served with wine we were a bit too lazy and comfortable to make a proper dessert so we pulled out the "finer" chocolate stash that I had been building from early Christmas gifts. As the cards were dealt … [Read more...]

Gifts That Elevate Life’s Moments

I just wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas gift this year. My 10 year old daughter, Teapot made me this knitted coffee cup cozy.  I love everything about it...the color, the chunky yarn used to make it, the texture, it's softness and the way it has elevated my coffee moments.  Ok, I have to say, the mug my husband gave me from Anthropologie, was an added bonus to adding to my coffee-in-the-morning-ritual. Did you get a gift that has elevated a life moment for you, this Christmas? … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Spirit

I was at my aunt and uncle's on Christmas.  They are both entrepreneurs.  They each had a dream, set out to pursue it and didn't let anything stand in the way of making it happen.  My uncle was our business manager when we opened Jahva House.  He helped us write a business plan, think through the finances and marketing and was a wealth of information. He has an entrepreneurial spirit. One of my cousins was sharing how he thought he may transition one day from being in law enforcement to starting his own company.  I said, "It's … [Read more...]