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A Sofa Story

We were happy to be back in the States. We had just spent 6 months traveling abroad with 4 young kids under the age of 10.  We had backpacked the 2 year old all over China, taken our 9 year old to a Chinese clinic to be treated by a cigarette smoking doctor that we couldn't understand, bathed children in a bucket in the Philippines heated with an electric (yes, electric!) heater and eaten food unknown to most Americans. It was a trip of a lifetime and the stories and friends we collected along the way, were … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Five

Welcome again to Fancy Friday Five our weekly Blog Party Link Up where you can link all that was fancy to you!  Here was what was fancy this week for me! My very fancy girl ~ turned 8 this past week.  She is the epitome of fancy.  She is full of fancy wisdom ~ so much so that there may be a post dedicated to it in the near future.  But let me leave you with this piece of brilliance left on the family chalkboard in scribbled colored chalk. "You can change your hair, You can change your mind."  ~ Take that bit and seize the … [Read more...]

Our Lucky Italian Table

Luck can be defined as the chance happening of a fortunate event.  Being at the right place in the right time - can open up more possibilities to help out good fortune.   Luck, if you will, may find you - and might even come straight to your table! Traveling in Italy can set you up for this right kind of luck.  In this case, luck found us at our Italian table.  We had set out to visit the Italian countryside of Tuscany, driving from Florance to Rome.  We were ready for adventure and surprises!  We were in Italy, after all, … [Read more...]

Moroccan Chicken in the GE Advantium

I made this recipe in my GE Profile™ Advantium® oven the other day.  I think it was around 5 pm and I realized I hadn't planned a thing for dinner. I'd like to say this was not normal, but with five kids, homeschooling 3 of them, carpooling the other 2, gymnastics, baseball, etc...dinner tends to get away from me. So, this day was like most. I knew I was going to make chicken "something". When 5 pm rolled around, I began to flip through recipes and see what ingredients I had on hand to make a quick meal. Since the … [Read more...]

Blissdom Mountaintop

I always find when I come back from a conference, like Blissdom, or a retreat...or even a trip, it's like coming down from the mountaintop.  Up there, the air is fresher and it's easier to breathe. Up there, your perspective is clearer and you can see miles away. You get a glimpse of a blissful future and because you're up high, sometimes a road map on how to get there, begins to unfold.  It's a bit dreamy and romantic.  Up there, the voices in the valley are quieter and you are left alone with your thoughts. You get in touch … [Read more...]

Join Us For a Cup of Coffee and An Announcement!

Will you pour yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and read a little story? "There once were two bloggers. They were artists by nature, creative types down to the bone. They wrote and posted, twittered and facebooked. They reached out and learned about relationships through social media. One day, they decided to have an event. It was to be held in Baltimore at a local coffee shop. They decided to call it a BlogLove Event. (You know, because they were bringing bloggers together, in real life, to share in an inspiring … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Five ~ Makes Me Smile

I was all set to share a few things I've found "Fancy" this week, but this morning, when I went to check my facebook, a friend had posted this video! A woman climbs over the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC and performs an aerial show that will take your breath away. I always find performance art Fancy. Last night as my kids sat around watching America Idol, somehow, felt, needles, buttons and thread came out and three of my boys and my daughter decided to stitch together dolls. It was totally a Fancy moment. This little scrap … [Read more...]

Gathered Thoughts Link Party

We have a fun and inspiring writing prompt project coming up! It's the Gathered Thoughts Link Party.  You see, we have been hunting high and low for unique products to add to the LoveFeast Shop.  When we choose items, this may sound corney, but it has to speak to us. It has to reverberate in our souls and say, "I belong in your home."  People have asked us just how we choose products and we wish we had a wise, studied and researched market analysis type answer.  But, we don't.  When we see it, we just know.  The 365 Gathered … [Read more...]