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Fancy Friday Link Up ~ Life is Beauty Full

Thank you for joining us for Fancy Friday! The prompt today is, "Share a time with or memory of your mom, where life was Beauty Full." The Inlinkz link up button is at the bottom of the page along with our featured giveaway. Thank you for joining us! Handmade Paper Dolls Kristin's Memory The above picture isn't very beautiful, but the memory is Beauty Full. On Christmas Eve this year, we had another flood. This time in our storage unit. Directly under the busted pipe was my childhood scrapbook. It was ruined. But it was … [Read more...]

Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace

As some of you may know we are both mothers of many children.  Kristin has 5 children and Chris Ann has 4.  After many years, and all those children neither of us had a piece of jewelry to represented our families.  We knew there was something out there, but we hadn't come across anything that we thought would last the years, live past the fads, remain classic, stylish and sophisticated.  Something that we would treasure forever.  We also knew that whatever Mother's jewelry we would get, it had to be artistic. We want to let … [Read more...]

How To Pick a Sofa

How do you pick out a sofa? I mean, buying a sofa is like adding a new member to your family, right? It has to have the right personality, blend in, be comfortable, unpretentious and pleasing to the eye, right? The last time we bought a sofa, it was about coming home. We bought the sofa that was affordable and symbolic. But, it only held up for 8 years before the frame broke. This time we decided to choose a sofa that would last. As part of our participation in Test It, Blog It, Win It at Su Casa*, we were invited to come … [Read more...]

Grilled Lime & Cilantro Cauliflower

I'm not sure where I saw it, but I saw a recipe for grilled cauliflower. I tucked it in my mind in the "try later" file. I decided to make my man take notice, the other night with an Espresso Maple Short Rib dinner and paired those lip smacking num nums with Grilled Lime & Cilantro Cauliflower. Oh my! I could eat these sliced florets in place of steak! They were super easy to make. Grilled Lime & Cilantro Cauliflower Recipe by Kristin Potler 1 head of cauliflower olive oil salt and pepper 1 lime, … [Read more...]

Magical Fairy Container Garden

I've been thinking of doing a fairy garden for some time ~ and since warm spring weather has been playing hide and seek with us here in Minnesota, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make an inside fairy container garden.  Fairies it turns out are kinda overpopulating and are in need of habitats - thus the rage.  And, well with my bff all the way in Maryland, I'm thinking why not make friends with some invisible people.  (Hmmmm. Lonely for some girl time much?) Fairy Gardens are starting to become popular enough … [Read more...]

FancyFriday ~ LINK UP on April 27th

We had such a great time with the Gathered Thoughts Link Up party and many talented and inspiring writers participated.  It made us rethink FancyFriday Link Ups. We want to hear from more of you! We want the party to grow and the conversations to continue. Basically, we don't want the time at the table to end. We seriously could linger here forever. FancyFriday's will be every last Friday of the month. Each month there will be a theme, you can find the next three month's themes, HERE. We would love for you to write a post … [Read more...]

Inspiration In An Italian Print Shop

About 4 years ago Kristin and I and our husbands, Todd and Devon, embarked on a week of Italian adventure.  It was the first time we had traveled together.  We were comfortable with eachother abroad as much as in our own backyards.   We drank the best wine, shared a wonderful table in Tuscany, found the best apartment right behind the Trevi Fountain that was spotless, and snacked from fresh local markets.  We discovered Todd and I are fast walkers.  One day as we meandered in a neighborhood somewhere near the Spanish Steps we … [Read more...]

Lemon Squares Made by Baker Boy

Did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? What was it? Are you that person today? Raising 5 kids, I find that whole thing fascinating. As a parent, you see certain inclinations in your kids when they are young and you wonder, "Should I nurture that? Should I let it develop naturally?" I have kind of landed on doing both. My second son, AKA Baker Boy, loved food from day 1! How did I know when he was a nursing infant? Because, he wanted to nurse 24/7! My mom loves recalling the story when I called her in tears and … [Read more...]

Spring Pumpkins

We're not gonna lie.  We're a little bit obsessed about velvet pumpkins.  So much so that we can't just stand one season of them.  So, we decided to do  Spring Pumpkins ~ in fresh raspberry, coral-ly, springy delicious colors. Believe it or not ~ this coral color velvet was once buried to the back of the velvets in the workroom.  Until ~ we saw it and brought it back in for spring!  Isn't it delicious? And, that's not all!  Remember the HeartGrams we feature for Valentine's Day?  The red beautiful plush pumpkins in … [Read more...]

Sofa Confessional

I shared with you A Sofa Story and how our current sofa helped to create a home. We loved that sofa for a long time, but I must confess, the love is wearing thin. My kids wanted to put their two cents into the ring. So, we created a Sofa Confessional in our closet and let them rant. *I am participating in Su Casa Furniture's Test It, Blog It, Win It. I get to choose a sofa of my choice, let it live with me for a month, blog about it, try it out and if I'm chosen as the winner (based on creativity) I get to keep the sofa. If … [Read more...]