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The Best Steak Recipe (for Coffee Lovers) Ever!

I'm going to let you in on a treasured family secret. I really am. Devon created a recipe about 8 years ago that we served to 40 people at a fundraising dinner. Our family was preparing to leave the country to do service projects for 1/2 a year. We traveled to Hawaii for training, then onto China and the Philippines. (But, I'll save that for another story.) That night, I remember tasting the meal, thinking to myself, this is a keeper. He has recreated that recipe a number of times, but this past time, he landed on THE perfect … [Read more...]

Front Porch Inspiration

My latest thrift haul? A red canvas picture of a dandelion. I added this piece of art to my front porch framed by an old green window right below a sign of twigs that says DREAM. I like the symbolism together, DREAM, an OPEN WINDOW and my Dandelion canvas showing POSSIBILITY. Dandelions remind you of a million bits of possibilities. “Our aspirations are our possibilities” ~ Samuel Johnson And, that's why when I found my piece of art I just had to haul it home. It never hurts to have a reminder while you … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Wine Charms ~ 12 Dinner Guests

~This Giveaway Has Closed.  See Below For Winners~ We hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned.  We've got a couple of fun things happening on and around our table today!  Chris Ann is guest posting over at the parenthood and lifestyle blog,  Sorta Crunchy today.  She's sharing her thoughts on Motherhood & Vacations.  Kristin is busy gathering all the bits and pieces for a Summer Vintage Americana BBQ to celebrate a Graduation.  Stand by for inspiring BBQ inspiration!  And finally, we are hosting 2 Link Ups ~ one here … [Read more...]

Vintage Americana BBQ for Graduation Party

It's been a few weeks since I've been able to clear a path and time in my day, to my computer. My family is in a very busy season and it's times like this I'm so grateful Chris Ann and I co-blog. This morning it's quiet. I think all the running around we've been doing is actually paying off with kids sleeping in. But, I feel the home stretch coming! My oldest, is finished his senior year and off to London for the week. I had my final homeschool review on Tuesday and am now fighting the urge to just call the school year … [Read more...]

Velvet Acorn Photoshoot Sneak Peek

If you thought our Velvet Plush Pumpkins were swoon worthy ~ start saving your pennies for the tiniest new bits of velvet love! Introducing our NEW VELVET ACORNS We spent yesterday shooting the pumpkins in a back alley behind the warehouse.  It was a beautiful day!  Even after 6 hours of scrunched-up shooting the excitement was still in the air. We are so excited to share this bounty of velvet plush pumpkins with you! We just know you are going to love these ~ as much as we do!  The decorating ideas are … [Read more...]

Chevron Dress Inspiration

Over the last couple of weeks Kristin and I have savored some Motherhood Moments.  Kristin's oldest son, a senior is graduating from high school in the next couple of weeks.  She just saw him off to on a final school trip abroad.  It seems just yesterday our firstborns were turning 16!  You can see how we celebrated during the LoveFeast For 16 Year Old Boys Birthday Party we threw a couple of years ago.  Kristin is finishing up her homeschooling year and planning the Graduation Party.   I'm getting ready for my kids to get out of … [Read more...]

Big Buddha Bag BFFs

This is the bag you wish you had.  Me too.  If you ever wanted to have serious bag envy.  Now is the time.  Kristin's spring/summer bag is awe-some.  Those are all little beads sewn on in a zig zaggy chevron stripe ~ it feels delicious.  I know this because I borrow it from Kristin just to drape over my arm, like once. She found her Big Buddha Courtny bag in Cream in a Maryland TJMaxx.  You can also find the Courtny bag in Fuschsia. I have scoured my TJMaxx here in Minnesota to find a similar bag to be Kristin's bag's … [Read more...]

Life Is Beauty Full Pillow & Mothers

We hope if you are a Mother you enjoyed a special meal or breakfast from your family or maybe a nice meal out this past weekend.  Even though I haven't talked to Kristin on the phone yet today, I'm pretty sure she had a lovely meal.  Both our husbands love to cook.  They put the FEAST in LoveFeast a lot of the time.  My husband made me a lovely bacon wrapped steak on the grilled.  During dinner he had each of our 4 kids take turns sharing what was special about their Mom.  Their answers "doing our laundry", "helping us", "driving … [Read more...]

Summer Party ~ Pizza On The Grill

A LoveFeast Table summer party go-to, is baking pizza on the grill.  We have found that fresh and delicious prepped ahead toppings and good, ready-to-bake pizza crust are all you need to pull together a delicious foodie feast.  With a little prep, no dishes to do with the cooking done on the grill, there is more time to savor with your friends and family. Planning ahead to please the crowd is a great way to make sure your party gets off to a great start.  Thinking ahead about the needs of both adults and children will make … [Read more...]

Garden Window Thrift Haul

Over the weekend I did do some looking around in some vintage stores. Spend too much time looking and you are bound to find something. I ended up getting this old glass window. I have had a thing for old glass windows for. ever. And, I knew right away what I had planned for it. I have a couple of ideas on how I'd like to use this. Do you like old windows too? Have you used them in decorating or in the garden? After some searching on Pinterest I found these pictures for inspiration. Which one is your dream? We'd love to invite … [Read more...]