Archives for May 2012

Summer Maxi Sundress Dresses

This is me and my 4 kids over Spring Break in Mexico a couple of months ago.  It was there I realized how handy a maxi sundress is.  I was cool on top and as the sun set, my legs were covered keeping me cozy as my husband and I relaxed back sipping our drinks and watching our kids stroll the desserts for the third time each.  That's what vacation is all about. As a busy mama with 4 kids, a go-to look is a necessity.  Right now, I am in love with stripes and color and sundresses, specifically the maxi sundress.  They're … [Read more...]

Bedside Table Space Intervention

You know when life takes over and you become too tired to put away clean laundry, put away the scissors and drop your book or magazine off the bed right in the middle of reading?  Yeah, that.  So, today I am going to share with you the sad state of my bedside space and what I did about it.  Below.  It wasn't making me happy.  It was down right treacherous getting into bed with out slip sliding away on a magazine. Evidence of ironic attempts at order - sloppily piled magazines leaning up against books on Decluttering and … [Read more...]