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NEW! Hand Screened Dish Towels

We just received a new bundle of joy for LoveFeast Shop. We couldn't wait to open it! Inside were our new Hand Screened Dish Towels, just in time for fall! These Dish Towels are the original design our good friend Brittany. Brittany is a hair dresser by trade, but recently reduced her hours to part time, so she could pursue ART. We're pretty glad she did, 'cause we think she's pretty talented. Wouldn't you agree? We wanted you to get to know Brittany too, so we asked her a few questions. 1. What made you … [Read more...]

Sharing A Table – Brand To Blogger Relationships

Coming to the table to share inspiration, value, experience and beauty are things that we value here in our community at LoveFeast. Our particular blogger community is made up of many different types of consumers. Some in our community are other bloggers, who like us have experience with the dynamic microphone of word of mouth marketing. Some are shoppers that come to our online boutique, LoveFeast Shop to find something beautiful for themselves or their homes. Others are readers who come to visit our lifestyle blog, LoveFeast … [Read more...]

Beautiful Lady ~ Dress For The Day

We can multitask several children fed, dressed, lunches made, hair combed and out the door in less than 45 minutes. Have you ever wondered why it takes so much effort to get ourselves ready to go out the door?  Because, it just plain takes some effort.  Lately I have been trying to put a little bit of extra effort into getting "Dress For The Day".  Funny thing is I had already started this effort, when one of my friends, blogger, started this weekly link up of inspiration to encourage us all to put in that extra effort.  I have … [Read more...]

Pink Antlers ~ Modern Rustic Chic

This fall has been our busiest so far!  We have been working quick to take care of business in our LoveFeast Shop.  We have been helping customers receive their Velvet Pumpkins for special occasions such as Teacher Appreciations, Special Gift Baskets, and Fall Weddings.  We've been extra busy because of the wave of "Pumpkin Love" that seems to be striking so many! We are thrilled to receive emails with exclamation points about how much our customers LOVE our velvety Plush Pumpkins!  The tricky part about having such a … [Read more...]

Friends & Farms

Living in Baltimore City, we are surrounded by the urban jungle. The rolling farmlands, bursting with fresh produce are about a 1/2 hour drive outside the city limits. In the past decade or so, the Farmer's Markets, CSA's and at home produce delivery services, like Friends & Farms, have been exploding. There are so many options! I've looked at a few at-home delivery service sites that promise to deliver fresh farm products right to your door. I have to admit, I've never clicked the button to commit. Seeing as we have 7 … [Read more...]

Working From Home

The last few weeks have been busy for us! LoveFeast Shop is bursting with new products, Velvet Plush Pumpkins, Pink Antlers, Hand Screen Printed Dish Towels and NEW pieces of furniture. Chris Ann and I have been busy, with our work days ending around midnight. Our families are adjusting and kicking in extra help around the home...well, most of them are. The youngest one is helping out in other creative ways. He's been busy pimping my Work Space. I mean, who isn't inspired by The Justice League and fluffy, fleece … [Read more...]

PARENT ‘HOOD LINK UP: Healthy Snacks For Kids

Often I get asked the question, "How do you get your kids to eat so well?"  It could be that they've been raised with good food and a variety of foods since they were young.  They were exposed early on to different flavors.  At the age of two it was pretty normal for our kids to be eating avocados and hummus.  They would quickly move onto finger foods such as baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and red peppers.  I found that if it was colorful and small and came with a dip of some sort, it would get eaten!  Little ramekins … [Read more...]