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3rd Annual LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Exchange

It's once again time for our Annual Cookie Exchange.  This is the third year in a row where we've gathered around the table to share our favorite cookies recipes.  Each year, we ask 12 Guest Bloggers to share their stories around holiday memories and baking.  We are always amazed to hear the touching stories of families baking in the kitchen together.  We are so happy to be able to share and hear the stories at our table. TWELVE GIVEAWAYS TO WIN ~ 2012 LoveFeast Cookie Exchange This year we're adding a fun piece to the … [Read more...]

Gift Guide Roundup

Wait for it...wait for TUESDAY we will be part of a Gift Guide Roundup! Along with some of our fabulous friends, we will be sharing with you some creative gift ideas. We will be sharing our top Gift Ideas for HIM. This year at a handmade market, Gifts for HIM seemed to dominate what we saw. That's not usually the case. We know guys can be hard to shop for, so we wanted to share with you some of our finds. So, set aside some time next Tuesday...we will have our Gift Guide for Him ready and will have links for all … [Read more...]

Holiday Breakfast Buffet

Every Christmas morning, before the kids are allowed to come out of their rooms, my husband and I heat up our Breville Espresso maker. (We kinda have a thing for the much so we've been known to take it across the country.) He will make a double shot of espresso for himself and an Americano for me. Meanwhile, I pull the cinnamon rolls that have been proofing overnight, out of the fridge and put them on top of the stove to come to room temperature. This is one of our favorite Christmas morning rituals. We have a … [Read more...]

Our Friendship ~ Story Part 1

Colorado was behind us now. We had left our sanctuary, our beginnings as a married couple. He was just 19 and I was 22. We had married on a mountaintop and had our baby in a town where no one knew our past. Our little town of LaVeta only had 700 people in residence. LaVeta was the perfect stage for falling in love. We woke up every morning, facing the Spanish Peaks, the only mountain range in Colorado that ran east to west. It daily pointed it's majestic finger to home. We would drive up a windy road, weaving in and out of the … [Read more...]

Winter Porch Vignettes

This past week I have been changing over my porch from fall to winter.  Pulling together a front porch vignette for each season is something I love.  I usually choose a main over all color and theme.  This year for my winter porch vignette it was about a certain shade of blue, birch white, evergreen and primitive objects and fabrics. “The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” ~ Louisa May Alcott Part of creating a charming and welcoming space is to gather a collection of … [Read more...]

Dinner Idea For Holiday Leftovers

My family has celebrated Thanksgiving twice this week.  We've shared a feast with friends and we've shared a feast with our family.  Traditionally both Kristin's husband, Devon and my husband, Todd cook the turkey dinners in both of our homes.  Most Thanksgivings they consult eachother over the phone about what brine concoction to soak the turkey in or what type of booze they are adding to the gravy.  This year Kristin's husband outdid himself with a beautiful bird.  In case you missed it, you can see the menu including their … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday SALE!

We just couldn't help ourselves! We had so much fun on Black Friday, we thought we should keep the Sale Love coming! So, this Monday, AKA Cyber Monday, we are running another SALE over at LoveFeast Shop. For any purchase over $50, you will receive FREE SHIPPING! Just enter Code: LOVEMONDAY12 at checkout! And for all of you fresh printed paper, fabric bound, note taking, recipe collecting Recipe Journal Lovers...check out the new product in LoveFeast Shop! … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Shop ~ Black Friday Sale

It's sale time at LoveFeast Shop - Our largest sale of the year! We know some of you are out braving the craziness at the stores today! Personally, we sent teens out to do some of our "sale" shopping for us! (Brilliant, right?) But, for those of you at home looking for an online deal, we have a great one for you! 20% off everything at LoveFeast Shop! Head on over...HERE...we've added some new products! We have jewelry, candles, pillows, marquee lights, art, velvet plush pumpkins and more! Just use code LOVEFRIDAY12 at … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

“The whole of the life -- even the hard -- is made up of the minute parts, and if I miss the infinitesimals, I miss the whole. These are new language lessons, and I live them out. There is a way to live the big of giving thanks in all things. It is this: to give thanks in this one small thing. The moments will add up.” ~Anne Voskamp  We are thankful for you and hope that as you gather this Thanksgiving with your family and friends, the little moments of this year add up and are reflected in the Feast your share. From our … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Place Settings

A few years ago, I found these bamboo disposable plates at a yard sale. They were in new packaging and I picked up a few packs of them. It was the best tablescaping money I've ever spent. Those disposable plates, have become my plate chargers for many o'feast. This year is no exception. Usually I use these beautiful plates my mother in law collected for me... after all, they are gorgeous and they totally work with my Vintage Wheat inspired table. But, I wanted a softer look for the table this year, with the … [Read more...]