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NY International Gift Fair

This past weekend, we were both in New York City for the NY International Gift Fair. This was our first time to the NYIGF. Last year, we went to the Atlanta Gift Show. These shows are trade shows for retailers who are in design, decor and gifts. It is basically floor, upon floor, building upon building, of products for your home. The first showroom we visited was the Global Designs showroom. Now, some vendors are protective of their products and ask that no pictures be taken, but many were more than willing to let us snap a few … [Read more...]

shhhhh…BlogLove secret…

For a few years, we have hosted BlogLove Networking Events in Minneapolis and Baltimore. If you've never heard of or attended a BlogLove Event, we wanted to show you what they're all about. Each event is unique! When we set out to create events, we knew we wanted our guests to walk away with a few things. One, to be inspired! Two, to experience something new and unique. Three, to connect with brands and last, to make great new friends! Here's a quick glimpse at some of our past events. Click the pictures to read more on … [Read more...]

Winter Whiteout Cupcakes for a Wedding

The table was set. The candles lit.  But what to serve for a simple, wedding in my home? I wanted to honor the bride's request to "not make it a big deal". But, if my home was decorated with winter whites, what would be so wrong with adding a little dessert treat that wore the same color? I'm a chocolate lover and was never a big fan of white cake until I made Whiteout Cake from Baked's cookbook Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. There is nothing boring or nondescript about this cake! I made the recipe for the cake but decided … [Read more...]

Our Friendship Story ~ Beads

I remember as we left the nursery after the first time we met Devon and Kristin that the nursery care giver had said, "I never saw two babies that age actually seem to interact with each other." We figured if our small babies got along so well in the nursery, their parents probably might get along too.  And, so we hoped for the best.  We enjoyed their son's first birthday and then our son's. One afternoon I sat, round and pregnant folding laundry on my sofa.  To my surprise there was a midday knock at the door.   I could see … [Read more...]

January Style Tips~Lipstick

We want to welcome our guest and makeup artist, Brielle Brenner today. Brielle will be stopping by monthly to share beauty tips with us. This month is Lipstick Month! Welcome Brielle... As I unpack the insane amount of Christmas gifts I received this year , I come across my favorite: a little black tube of beautiful, whimsical color. My pride and joy contained in 3 grams of delicious pigment. I’m talking about a lipstick. While I find myself digging deeper into my career of makeup artistry, I learn not only about my … [Read more...]

Winter Tablescaping for an Intimate Wedding

We had a fun start to the New Year! At the last minute we were asked to host an intimate wedding for good friends of ours. I was thrilled! The bride really wanted the event to be low key and not "weddingy" at all. (They are planning on a large celebration in the spring when the weather gets warmer.) I totally get that, but you know me, I wasn't going to pull out paper plates and paper napkins...I mean, it was a wedding after all! So, I decided to "decorate for the winter" in my home. Since my dining room was going to be the best … [Read more...]

Grab Ahold Of The Pantone Color Of The Year ~ Emerald

If you are looking for some color inspiration in your STYLE - look know further. The color to grab hold of this year is the color of year for 2013 is Pantone 17-5641 TCX , aka - Emerald.  Emerald is a great color.  It's bold.  It's sophisticated.  It's happy.  You can do this color.  Here's some inspiration below on how to add Emerald to your style.   Source: via LoveFeast on Pinterest   Emerald is not going to be hard to add to your style story. You can add it in with a couple of … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Weekend Celebrating Around The Table

Remember way back before Christmas?  Kristin and her husband came to Minnesota for our end of year business meeting.  Besides a bit of work and some meetings, we were celebrating.  We finished out the year strong!  We met our goals for 2012 here at our blog, LoveFeast Table and at our online boutique, LoveFeast Shop! Almost any time we have together tends to be celebrated around the table.  Looking back on our stream from Instagram.  You can see as we celebrated we nibbled around town and at our own table.  Here's a bit of our … [Read more...]

HeartGram™ Heart Shaped Velvet Pumpkin Valentines

We have something special to share with you!!  Last year we made an introduction of our HeartGrams.  And ~ it's that season again!  It's time to think about what special person, friend, or Valentine you would love to send a heart felt greeting to.  If you are a Velvet Plush Pumpkin fan you're going to love these velvety heart shaped pumpkins.  Nestle a couple up to your Velvet Pumpkin Set and extend your decorating season!  We have stocked our store with beautiful plump heart shaped velvet pumpkin HeartGrams. Limited edition … [Read more...]

Happy New Year From LoveFeast Table

As we enter 2013 we'd like to say thank you to all our friends at LoveFeast Table.  This year has been a great year of growth for us.  We have enjoyed this year getting to know the customers at LoveFeast Shop better!  We love your notes sharing stories of how you are using our products and what important and special moments you are making with them.  From gifts to welcoming decor ~ we love to hear the "back story" on how they are making your life more beautiful.  We also have enjoyed sharing stories from our table this year … [Read more...]