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Men’s Shaving Set Gift

Do you remember your Dad or Grandfather using a soap and brush to shave?  We do.  Our NEW Men's Shaving Set gift is classic, useful, high-quality and priced as a set ready to send as a gift.  We're excited to be adding the Men's Shaving Gift and other Gifts for Him at LoveFeast Shop. SIGN UP for our LOVEFEAST NEWSLETTER and receive 15% off on your next purchase!! Men's Shaving Set ~ LoveFeast Shop We think the New Men's Shaving Set would be a great men's great for any brother, uncle, grandfather, or graduate!! And of … [Read more...]

Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace

We would never steer you wrong.  Our shop is curated with our favorite things.  Kristin and I bought received these necklaces years ago.  We've been loving them ever since.   To date, there has not yet been a time where I have worn this Mother's Tree Of Life Necklace out in public and have not received compliments.  I've been stopped shopping, at parties and once even someone grabbed my arm in the isle of an airplane to ask me where I had gotten such a lovely necklace. Proudly I share my necklace and how each gem … [Read more...]

The Day You Wake Up and Realize…

The night before, I knew something was brewing. My 16 year old son (AKA Baker Boy) was clearing off my dining room table and beginning to "re-tablescape". He had scraps of fabric, tablecloths, candles and flowers out, arranging and rearranging. It was almost midnight. I gave him a hug and kiss and went to bed to leave him to his creativity. The next morning, with a the rattle and hum of a budding chef in the kitchen, my husband and I awoke. The pungent waft of dark, brewed coffee was better than any wake up call. I rubbed my … [Read more...]