21c Museum Hotel ~ GE Momsperience

The LoveFeast girls have found themselves in Louisville, Kentucky.  We’re here at the inspiring and modern 21c Museum Hotel.  The hotel is truly a place to get your creativity peaking.  We’ve had delicious meals at the hotel’s restaurant Proof on Main, lively conversation with smart women, fine dining, hat making and interacting with the art that surrounds the spaces.  We’ve got some stories to tell already. We’ve friend-ed one of the bartenders who has spilled some restaurant cocktail recipes for LoveFeast ~ perfect timing with our summer “theme-making” underway.  We can’t wait to have our Monogram Experience tomorrow!!  We’re already amazed at how GE Monogram has tapped into such creativity and  inspiration to provide such a memorable experience ~ filled with possibilities!  So ~ hold onto your hats and keep and eye out for red penguins!!  With those two combination and the LoveFeast girls in town ~ anything can happen!!


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