$3 Donated for Every Sale of Coffee Cake in January

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We have stepped out in a bit of delustion faith, determined to raise $24,000 to sponsor a Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack Unit this year.  There are days we wake up and think, are we out of our minds?! Can we really raise this money?  Then we wake up and discover we have friends out there who are cheering us on and even digging their heels in with us to reach our goal.

Being mamas of 9 (between us), we can’t imagine a day where we’d have to send our kids to bed without having had a meal all day.  We can’t begin to imagine what hunger pains are, what it’s like to sustain our kids on nothing more than a handful of rice.  We can’t begin to understand.  But, just touching the surface of exploring what it would be like, we knew we needed to step up and try and raise awareness as well as funds, so another mama could feed her children.

Feed My Starving Children has been packing and delivering food for hungry children since 1989.  By 2010 they had packed over 124 million meals.

We are just pennies into our goal.  We could use your help!  There are many ways to get involved. Here are just a few:

1. Post our LoveFeast Table Mobile Pack Project “Donate Here” widget on your site. Get it HERE.

2. Write a post about the project.

3. Make a donation.

4. Order one of our LoveFeast Coffee Cakes in the month of January and we will donate $3 from every sale towards the goal.  Order HERE.

Or if you have any other creative ideas….shoot them our way! We are pretty much open to any ideas!

Thank you for your support!

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