31 Days To Savor ~ Awesome Earrings

We think Savoring A Beautiful Life can be as simple as donning a pair or amazing earrings.


The simplest outfit can be taken to another level with the right baubles.  We always knew that.  But, a while ago after we did our original earring post, Fancy Friday Earrings we knew that fact rang true.  One of our readers even commented:

“I am yet intimidated by my jewelry box. Up to now, I am the type that has a comfy set of diamond earrings that never–okay occasionally–leave my ears. One day I’ll comprehend the full power of stepping out. Thanks for the insight.”

While it may be true “diamond are a girl’s best friend” we don’t think you need to break the bank to be fabulous!  There are great earring to be had for a fraction at Target as well as pretty hand-made ones from artisan craft fairs.  “Stepping out” in a great earrings, no matter what the price, can make you feel alive, energetic and quite frankly, powerful!!

I got these for Kristin, for our trip to Mexico we took last month.  They are big and bold and one of our LoveFeast signature colors.  I like to think my earring gift sent a little secret meaning too.

“You go girl, I know you can rock these!!”


We think it never hurts to have a friend that backs you up with a great pair of earrings.  And, Kristin and I have exchanged and borrowed each other many a dangly treasure through the years.  So, there’s the tip of the day, take out your tired studs or even your classic diamonds and rock something fabulous, bold, and powerful on your ears and savor owning the day!!
31 Days to Savor a Beautiful Life


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