31 Days to Savor~Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Recently Devon and I were at the Great Grapes Wine Festival in Annapolis.  We walked around and sampled yummy food and wine!  One of the tents we visited was Laconiko.  The brother and sister team there, were so excited to introduce us to their extra virgin olive oil produced in Greece on their family grove.  Their family has been in the olive oil business for 150 years!  They were so passionate about REAL extra virgin olive oil.  Most of what is sold in the states as extra virgin olive oil, only contains some, extra virgin olive oil.


This quote was taken from the Laconiko site:

“Most olive oils sold in the United States are a blend of various oil grades (sometimes not even olive oil but rather canola oils, vegetable oils, soybean oils, etc.) and sometimes you can tell because the bottle label may list multiple countries in the back.   Did you know that even though a bottle may say extra virgin olive oil, only a portion of its contents have to be extra virgin olive oil? This has to do with the poor regulation policies, which do not dictate that 100% of the bottle’s contents need to be extra virgin olive oil.

If you’ve never sampled 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil with what you buy in the supermarket, try it!  100% is like butter on your tongue!

Because it’s pricey, we use it for drizzling on salads or dipping rustic bread.  We keep the “other” kind of extra virgin olive oil on hand to cook with.

Put 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your list…buy the food toy…and savor every drip!

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