3rd Annual LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Exchange

It’s once again time for our Annual Cookie Exchange.  This is the third year in a row where we’ve gathered around the table to share our favorite cookies recipes.  Each year, we ask 12 Guest Bloggers to share their stories around holiday memories and baking.  We are always amazed to hear the touching stories of families baking in the kitchen together.  We are so happy to be able to share and hear the stories at our table.

TWELVE GIVEAWAYS TO WIN ~ 2012 LoveFeast Cookie Exchange

This year we’re adding a fun piece to the LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Exchange.  A Giveaway!  We though one of the new Recipe Books from LoveFeast Shop would be the perfect gift to add to the festivities.  Each guest blogger will start a giveaway on their blog for one of these books during their guest blog day here at LoveFeast Table.

LoveFeast Shop ~ Recipe Journal ~  $49.00 Retail

My memories around holiday baking begin at my grandma’s house.  My Grandma Bessie always had a mix of cookies on hand.  I remember coming in the back door of her home squished in the narrow entry between the coats of adults, the back door and the inside door.  As I stood in that in-between semi-freezing space, I spied the shiny round coffee cans lined up on an adjacent cabinet.  Later, after greetings and after the adults had settled into conversation I would tiptoe towards the back door.  Once in the entry I would reach for each can and peak open the rubbery lid to see what cookies they held.  There was always so many cans.  I think I remember counting up to 11 or so.  They would be filled with what I thought of as “adult cookies” such as Snowflake cookies, cookies with Christmas jellies and Russian Tea Cookies.  The silver coffee cans were also filled with cake-y chocolate cookies with white frosting and sprinkles, gingersnaps, sugar cookies, peanut butter with crossed forked prints and sugar sprinkles.  And, always Cameos the only store bought cookie I remember.

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One thing is for sure.  Cookie baking at the holidays is not just about snacking on sweets.  It’s memories warmed around the corners with carols on, favorite cartoon specials, and conversation mixed with cider.  It’s not the baking, or the treats it’s about the time you spent together creating the memories either making cookies in the kitchen or eating them together at the table.

What are your favorite holiday memories of baking and cookies?

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