Miss Irene’s…Ask for Rusty’s Section!

We had heard good things about Miss Irene’s and when friends of our asked us to go, we jumped at the chance!

We arrived, were warmly greeted and escorted up to the upstairs dining room.  We started out with a cheese plate and other antipasti and began to pour the wine!  Malbecs have been up there with my favs lately, so we ordered a bottle of Malbec and settled in for a fun evening!

Our server Rusty and his counterpart, were on top of things from the very beginning.  Devon and I like service that is attentive but not over bearing.  Servers that anticipate our needs before we have them…servers who enhance our dining experience, not take away from it.  We don’t mind a little conversation.  In fact, we like to know a little about out servers and we like to see their personalities come through.  I have to tell you, our server experience on the second floor of Miss Irene’s was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.  Rusty is the real deal.  He’s an actor, who supports himself by being a professional waiter.  I felt like we were in his dining room (no offense to the owners!) and he was taking care of us.  Our glasses stayed poured and napkins folded! (Sign of good service is refolding your napkin when you get up to use the restrooms!)

The calamari was delicious!

I ordered the rockfish.  I would like to say that it was amazing, but I really can’t.  It was so heavily salted, I could not even begin to finish it.  Typically I would send it back, but this was the first time, the service redeemed the dinner!  I was having such a good time, I let the salty fish slide.

My husband had the lamb shank and can I just say, he was in his own little world…just him and his lamb.  Really!  He was enjoying every bite!

We ordered a couple of desserts.  They were good.  But, quickly overshadowed by a round of drinks we shared with Rusty and friend after our dishes were cleared.  They must have zoned in on our “foodie” ways and knew that a little after dinner love would leave us with a great impression!  It worked.  We were sold!

So, for the record, the food was good.  The prices reasonable.  The atmosphere warm and inviting.  But, the service was excellent!  I just hope the owners at Miss Irene’s know what a great job their servers are doing!  They did their job so well, that we left with a good impression, even though I couldn’t finish my dinner!

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