A Day In Brooklyn ~ New York

One of my favorite places to visit is New York City.  Last weekend we got a chance to visit our friends, Ken & Elyse.  They have taken us on many foodie adventures.  They first introduced us to many places in New York City that have become our favorites, places like Death & Company and Hearth to name a couple.  This trip they introduced us to a new favorite place for cocktails, Dutch Kills.

We spent a day walking down the streets in their Brooklyn neighborhood, to some of their favorite spots.  We started out with a hearty breakfast from Buttermilk Channel.  The pancakes at Buttermilk ~ swoon-able!












We got a chance to pop in and see the bakery, Baked we have written about here, here and here.  We strolled the park and took in the Renegade Craft Fair too.

Summer simple pleasures ~ a rooftop view of Manhattan, cold beers, sweet potato fries…

and good friends to share it with!  (We’re firm believers in the inspirational power of cold beer and sweet potato fries here at LoveFeast ~ you can read that story, here ~ Where It All Started…)

We ended the day in the artfully hobbled together funky restaurant, Vinegar Hill House.  This is where I made the faux paux of whipping out my super big lens and snapping a flashy pic of the kitchen from my vantage point of the bar stool, where we enjoyed expertly made pre-dinner cocktails.  The flash went off in a poof startling myself and causing the chef and practically everyone else in the kitchen to nearly whip their heads off their necks in my direction.  I had proven, Elyse joked, that you really can’t take a blogger anywhere.  So, I put away my camera and enjoyed.

We kept giggling over it in during our garden meal at the back of the restaurant.






The last picture I dared to take from the outside the restaurant as we were leaving ~ it’s a charming place to go even with a camera-wielding-tourist-blogger and especially with good friends ~ if you’re in the neighborhood.

For more good food savored and memories made in one of our favorite cities ~ New York City ~  visit the links at the end of this post ~ Fancy Friday Favorite City ~ New York City.

The foodie adventure continues tomorrow with a “Fancy Friday Favorite Restaurants” post sharing an evening at the 26th Annual Chefs’ Tribute to honor James Beard & benefit Citymeals-0n-Wheels, A Taste of Home, at Rockefeller Center.  We hope you link up and share your favorite restaurants and restaurant memories with us here at our table, LoveFeast Table.


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