A Sofa Story

We were happy to be back in the States. We had just spent 6 months traveling abroad with 4 young kids under the age of 10.  We had backpacked the 2 year old all over China, taken our 9 year old to a Chinese clinic to be treated by a cigarette smoking doctor that we couldn’t understand, bathed children in a bucket in the Philippines heated with an electric (yes, electric!) heater

and eaten food unknown to most Americans.

It was a trip of a lifetime and the stories and friends we collected along the way, were priceless. When we landed back on US soil, we weren’t quite sure where we fit. We had sold our home and all of our belongings, thinking we wouldn’t be returning for some time. So, when we got back, a family took us in until we could figure out what to do next.

We knew we would need furniture so we began to look even before we knew where we’d live. The first piece we found was this sofa.

We got it at a discount furniture store for $299. For us it was a steal! Yes, it was just a “piece” of a sectional (notice cut in fabric where the other piece was to attach), but it was originally priced $1,200 and it was comfy. That was 8 years ago…and back then it wasn’t a trampoline, teenage lounge and crumb catcher.

This is what it looks like most days.

And about a month ago, we discovered the frame had broken  (it creaked when we sat on it) and it had been tearing up our new hardwood floors. Yikes!

I have to admit, I was a little sad.  This sofa represented us finding our place again. It was the place we all crammed onto on Friday nights for family “pizza movie nights”. It was the place new friends and old sunk themselves into with a hot cup of coffee to linger the night away. It was the place our dog Lexy had tried to make her own. (I had to put a stop to that! But, I’ll save it for another day. I’m still working out some forgiveness towards her.) My husband and I had snuggled on it, spent countless evenings folding mountains of laundry on it and curled up with a good book, while wrapped in a blanket.

After all of our travels, it represented coming home.

I began to look for a new one, meanwhile stuffing a rag under the broken end of the sofa so as to minimize the damage to the floors.

There were a few criteria we were looking for in a sofa:

1. It had to fit the space. My living room offers up some challenges.

2. The sofa had to be able to maximize the seating. There are 7 of us and our current sofa allows for only four of us. The other three lounge on the floor or draped over a chair. It would be great to get a few more of us on the sofa.

3. Seeing as we have 5 kids and a dog, it has to be stain resistant and (preferably, be slipped covered so I can throw covers in my washing machine.)

4. It has to be beautiful. It has to make me happy every time I look at it. And if I had my first choice, it would be covered in linen. But, I know that’s probably one of the least practical choices….so…we’ll see.

And then I received an invite to participate in Test It, Blog It, Win It at Su Casa Furniture in Baltimore, Maryland.

I felt like I was a perfect participant for this contest. I had a real need. And firm ideas of what I was looking for in a sofa. So, I applied…and they accepted me!! Basically the deal is, I have to go into their store as a real customer. I have to go through the process of picking out a sofa, looking at fabrics and options, asking my regular questions and then when I go to purchase, let the salesperson know, I’m one of the bloggers. My sofa will be delivered to me in 8-10 weeks, stay in my home for 1 month. During the process I have to blog about my experience. If my posts are the most creative, I could be chosen to keep the sofa for free. If I’m not chosen, I have the option to buy it for half the price.

I’d love for you to follow me on the journey as I share with you A Sofa Story. 

What do you look for in the perfect sofa?

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  1. I can totally relate to selling all your belongings! It’s going to be interesting when the hubby & I finally settle down and need to buy our own furniture.. In a sofa, I look for style & comfort, mainly. It will be so nice for us to watch a movie in comfort! All of our rentals so far have had incredibly uncomfortable seating!

    • Oh! Will you settle down soon, or are you a nomadic at heart like I am?

      • I am more of a traveler than a nomad. 🙂 I LOVE to travel, but I also love having a home of my own to settle into when I’m not traveling. We’re still a few years away from settling down. Still have some more places we’d like to go and are still looking for the perfect spot to settle. 🙂

        • Oh! Please let me know when and where you find that perfect place! We keep thinking our travels may one day take us back to CO, but I’d settle for Italy too!

  2. I was one of those lounging teens on that couch! Oh how I love that couch. and I remember when i was little in the philippines bathing the same way in a bucket of cold water, or my parents would boil some and add it to the freezing water! What memories we have together and in common. My favorite part of a couch is the arm rest corner. it NEEDS to have an armrest and nook area. Its funny, me and marc like the same spot so we end up sitting on opposite ends of the couch since there are only two of “those spots”!!! I hope you win, Im kinda sure you will

  3. I’ve moved enough times that I can’t say I’m attached to furniture. That being said, the current set of furniture has been with us for four years, so that may change when it finally gives out.

    As for the perfect sofa, things have changed for me. When we bought our current “sofa,” it seemed like a dream. Two electric, theater-style seat recliners with four cup holders. These were so coveted, and we couldn’t believe we got them (the only reason we did was because a friend of a friend worked at the furniture store and gave us 25 percent off!).

    A back injury later, and I can only sit in my recliner for a short-time. As I type, my husband is in his recliner and I am in the dining room in my office chair which I wheeled to the dinner table. So pathetic! Turns out . . . recliners are terrible for your back and hips. So, my perfect sofa is one that doesn’t hurt. Whenever we get one, I’ll let you know what that means because I have no idea!

    • Oh! I never knew that reclining sofas/chairs were not good for your back and hips. Thanks for the tip. I made my husband sit in a few different sofas, pointing out the difference between the poly fill and the down fill….the down is such a difference! Not to mention, they last and keep their shape much longer. Have you started sofa shopping?

      • No, we haven’t started. It’ll probably be a while. Trying to buy a house, so we’re waiting on furniture shopping. Best of luck in your searches!

  4. The fabric should be easy to clean pet hair off of and a nice solid, neutral, lighter color — this way you can swap out different color/patterned pillows/throws. The arms should not be too high. An ottoman is nice with it too.

    • I totally agree with neutral fabric choice. Since I like to change things around…often…that would be perfect!


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